12 Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose, According To Astrology (part 2)…

12 Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose, According To Astrology (part 2)


By looking at your horoscope and seeing which “house” your Sun sign falls into, you may learn more about your life purpose.

Let me explain. The zodiac sign that a person’s sun is in (i.e. their Sun Sign) is established based on the time they were born. The house one’s sun is located in—tells the person, in which area of life they can best express their purpose and shine, internally, and externally out in the world.

Keep in mind that there are twelve houses in the birth chart. Each one represents a different area of a person’s life. To find out which House your Sun falls, use Free Transit Calculator (at the end of this article). Once you know which house your sun falls into, just look at the description (below) showing all 12 Houses. The information about each House may help you gain greater insight into your life’s purpose. In the PART 1 we discussed Houses 1 through 4. In PART 2 we discuss Houses 9 through 12.

Today, we discuss your life purpose if your Sun falls into Houses 5 through 8.

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The Houses 5 through 8 of the Zodiac

5th Romance & Creativity. If the Sun falls here we may find that our life purpose is focused on a career that allows us to be creative and express ourselves and even lead others. We may enjoy speculation and taking risks. The idea of doing something where we feel passion, love and romance excites us.

Possible Life Purposes: We may pursue a life path where we can be creative, brilliant and even famous, always willing to take risks. We are natural leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who can direct others. Or we may pursue a dignified profession where we help others such as a doctor, civil servant or military leader or just be artistic. We’re often drawn to activities such as acting, leisure and recreation or even that concern children.

6th Health & Work. If the Sun falls here we may find that our life purpose requires that we invest ourselves, working hard at whatever we do. We enjoy being of service to others where we provide help and assistance. We’re more than capable of coming up with practical solutions as we competently respond to everyday crises in area where we apply ourselves.

Possible Life Purposes: Even though we may be shy we may pursue a life path where we can use our communication talents. We enjoy using our technical skills and have great talent in various crafts. Being of service to others, whether it’s in the health or medical fields or in more commercial and business environments is appealing to our nature.

7th Relationships (Marriage & Partnerships). If the Sun falls here we may find that our life purpose concerns the arts, and the social relationships we have with others. We are motivated by the principles of fairness and justice and always being diplomatic despite our tendencies to be drawn to conflict. The psychology of people interests us as well as how they look.

Possible Life Purposes: We may pursue a life path where we can express our sense of justice through the law, politics or public relations. We have a passion for culture, fashion and the arts and gravitate toward work that we know will bring pleasure to others. Because of our need to be in relationships, we can fulfill ourselves through consulting working with all types of people.

8th Sex & Transformation. If the Sun falls here, we may find that our life purpose involves us in research and investigation of some type. We avoid the superficial and are drawn to work that is deep and meaningful. We are drawn to matters that pertain to estate planning, sex, death, taxes, and behavioral transformation.

Possible Life Purposes: We are interested in all things that are deep, dark or hidden. We may pursue a life path where we can transform others through psychology, medicine, yoga or the metaphysical. We enjoy regenerating or renovating anything that needs to be restored or rebuilt so that our efforts improve it.

If you want to find out the House that your Sun is in – in your Horoscope, go to the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birthdate. If you want to learn more about your Sun sign, go to the Free Horoscope Calculator and enter your birth date. If you’re curious to learn what your Horoscope says about your love relationships, and marriage prospects, as well as career, investments and health, order your customized personal report.

To learn about your life purpose if your Sun falls into one of the other houses, please read PART 3 in the next installment of Silvana Spirit.



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