12 Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose According To The Zodiac…

12 Ways To Find Your Life’s Purpose According To The Zodiac


At various times in our lives, many of us ask the eternal question: What is my purpose?

How to Find Our Life Purpose

By looking at your horoscope and seeing which “house” your Sun sign falls into, you may learn more about your life purpose.

Let me explain. The zodiac sign that a person’s sun is in (i.e. their Sun Sign) is established based on the time they were born. The house one’s sun is located in—tells the person, in which area of life they can best express their purpose and shine, internally, and externally out in the world. Keep in mind that there are twelve houses in the birth chart. Each one represents a different area of a person’s life. To find out which House your Sun falls, use Free Transit Calculator (at the end of this article).

Once you know which house your sun falls into, just look at the description (below) showing all 12 Houses. The information about each House may help you gain greater insight into your life’s purpose. In the PART 1 and 2, we discussed Houses 1 through 8. In PART 2 we discuss Houses 9 through 12.

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The Houses 9 through 12 of the Zodiac

9th Travel & Education. If the Sun falls here, we may find that our life purpose concerns finding the truth and acquiring education that will help us grow intellectually. We learn through our spirituality and the discoveries we make in our travels, both in our mind and out in the world. We desire the freedom to adventure.

Possible Life Purposes: We may pursue a life path where we can educate others as teachers or lead others as judges, clergymen or civic leaders. Yet, our sense of intellect and adventure can drive us to being sea captains, comedians or writers. Our desire to explore can lead us to travel to other countries far away from our birth.

10th Career & Status. If the Sun falls here, we pursue a professional career with pride and integrity, wanting to be the best. We are extremely responsible and excel as leaders, especially in public life. We enjoy leading, organizing and building any enterprise we are a part of with an eye toward it bringing us wealth and social status.

Possible Life Purposes: We may pursue a life path where we can lead an organization as an executive or build our own business as an entrepreneur. We gravitate toward hard work and professions that serve the public and in the process make money. We seek opportunities to create tangible practical gains for ourselves and society.

11th Friendship, Hopes & Dreams. If the Sun falls here, we may find that our life purpose gives us intellectual talents we can use to be humanitarians, thinkers and inventors. We enjoy being a part of social groups and organizations where we can fulfill our dreams of improving our community and society as a whole through our work or the business we create.

Possible Life Purposes: We may pursue a life path where we can have an independent lifestyle of some sort. We may enjoy being in charge of a business organization, teaching young minds at a university, using our scientific minds to improve society or helping those in need of psychological counseling. We want to make a difference.

12th Psychology & Secrets. If the Sun falls here, we may find that our life purpose relates to being of service to others, especially those less fortunate. We are compassionate, idealistic, and love beauty and nature. Because we’re self-sacrificing, we can suffer if we don’t feel that we are sufficiently of service in our professions. We feel a special calling to the religious, spiritual or mystical in our lives. Whatever our purpose, we feel it deeply.

Possible Life Purposes: We may pursue a life path where we can be of service to others in institutions such as hospitals, the government or even places of confinement. Because we are imaginative we enjoy careers in the arts, theatre and music. Our compassionate and creative talents allow us to be doctors, fashion designers, secret agents, therapists, writers, entertainers or priests.

If you want to find out the House that your Sun is in – in your Horoscope, go to the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birthdate. If you want to learn more about your Sun sign, go to the Free Horoscope Calculator and enter your birth date. If you’re curious to learn what your Horoscope says about your love relationships, and marriage prospects, as well as career, investments and health, order your customized personal report.

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