Embrace Your Empathic Superpower


This has been a hot topic of discussion this year, mainly because there has been an exponential growth of consciousness in our world, and this has been making all of us more aware of our feely powers.

Are you an empath? Probably.  

An empath is someone who has the ability to feel what others are feeling, or pick up on what others (and the collective) are feeling. And man isn’t that cool?! Honestly, I think that most people are empathic, but there are those of us that feel others on such a deep level that we experience the world in our own unique way.

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My Journey As An Empath

I was aware of this superpower very young in life.  One of my first real experiences was when I was around 12 years old.   I had a friend who was living in a turbulent household, where there was physical abuse and substance abuse. We were having a moment of connection at a retreat we were at and we hugged each other and it was like all of her pain shot into my solar plexus and I burst into tears at the pain I was feeling.  That deep emotional pain that comes when someone doesn’t know how, or have the means to deal with their feelings.  When we are children if we’re not taught, then how do we know?  And in an environment like that, I can assure you, you’re probably not being taught how to deal with all those feelings.  

I can always tell how others are feeling, and when their “I’m Okay, Good, Fine” is a load of crock.  I am sure this is unsettling for people so I never push it, and when I do push into it, I can tell when I’m making them uncomfortable.  I can also tell when and how to shine a light on that hurt, and help people to gently heal it.  

The second time I had such an intense experience was when I was in highschool, I had a friend with major depression and one day while talking, her depression leaped into me and I started to sob from the utter hopelessness and pain I was feeling, that wasn’t mine. This is how I experience the world. Now I am attuned with it and can almost, at any time tap into someone’s feelings, although I don’t because sometimes it’s not my business all the time. And sometimes I can’t help it and my friends and family can get annoyed.  That’s just how it is.

Protecting Yourself

If this is ringing a bell (and being an empath isn’t cut and dry, we all experience our worlds differently) we have to protect ourselves. We have to learn that the purpose of this power (to me, if it doesn’t resonate with you, then disregard) is to be a filter. Humanity is going through a lot right now, our pain is purging out of us, that’s why the world looks so bleak right now.  

I think as an empath I can help it by shining a light on people’s pain and helping it get brighter, I also filter that pain THROUGH me, notice I did not say INTO me. This is wherein the problems lie with a lot of empaths. You are taking too much on as your own.  This can lead to body pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, and exhaustion.

It is not your job to do that, you have your own shit. When someone reveals something to you, or you randomly feel it, close your eyes and remember that it is moving through you, you are not supposed to dwell on it, judge it, try and figure it out, it’s just that you will feel it move through you and that is it.  

One thing you can do is say “walls up” and picture a crystal wall, a white light, a waterfall, a rainbow wall, anything you want, surrounding you. Remember that this is not shutting people out. This is protecting your energy so that people don’t take it, and filtering their energy, so that you don’t take it on. You are like an energy purifying system.  

The Empathic Purpose

However, you embrace this Super Power is up to you. It is a gift, but be kind to yourself.  Often empaths do muddle up their energy and even when you protect yourself properly, it is exhausting. If you are feeling like you are burning out, TAKE TIME TO RECHARGE.   You can use Universal energy and keep yours.  

The life of an empath is a really cool one. You don’t have to do it all the time, but when it is time for you to embrace your power you will know.  Often people have an easier time talking to you about what is going on with them. When you are an empath, you are often more compassionate, because you feel what others are feeling and don’t take that for granted. Everyone is in pain right now, including you I am sure, so honor that. It’s a beautiful life being an empath, it makes me love everyone more deeply, but it’s not my full-time job as of yet. I keep a watchful eye on my energy and honor when I need to recharge. Please do the same.

You are a gift. This is an actual superpower. Be kind and compassionate with yourself.


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