3 Meditations That Will Prepare You For The Day’s Work…

3 Meditations That Will Prepare You For The Day’s Work

Many people start their work day by diving right in. It might seem like the sooner you get to the to-do list, the more you’ll accomplish, but actually, heading straight into work might hold you back. It’s much more effective to take time to focus on your overarching work goals and desires.

Meditation is an effective way to direct energy toward those goals. It’s also an excellent resource for peace and energy, which will support your focus and drive. Practicing daily (or multiple times a day) will allow you to overcome your feelings of stress or of being overwhelmed. Here are three specific meditations that will help you cultivate the daily ritual of preparing for your day’s work.

Connect with your wombspace

Women have been told that in order to be successful, we need to be like men. We need to take action and do more. We keep trying, but time and again, these methods fail, and our businesses suffer for it. We need to get back in touch with the sources of feminine power, and it’s possible to do this by practicing a daily meditation focused on your wombspace.

Your wombspace is the physical and energetic space where your actual womb is. I call it wombspace because many women have had their wombs removed for various reasons, however the magic of wombspace lives in all women.

Find a quiet place where you are relaxed. Sit in an upright position, either in a chair with your spine aligned or straddling a few pillows on the floor with your feet tucked behind you. Close your eyes and place your hands, palm over palm, about two inches below the navel, which is where your wombspace is located. Let all of your excess mental energy move down into your pelvis.

Tune into your breath and begin to breathe into your belly and your wombspace. Most women breathe only into their chest, which causes neck and shoulder tension. Be aware of the now and allow whatever is to be. If you feel disconnected, that’s okay. If you feel areas of pain, that’s okay. Just breathe and gently rock your pelvis as your belly expands and retracts. With each breath, allow yourself to feel more connected, relaxed, and energized.

Now, imagine your wombspace as your temple. This place is a magical, mystical place that belongs only to you. See it as an actual physical space or room. You get to decorate it however you desire. Whenever you do your wombspace meditation, you will go to this temple and find it a resource of peace and comfort.

Do this exercise for five minutes and acknowledge any feelings that arise. There is no goal or outcome. You are simply feeling what is and remaining curious. End the five minutes with gratitude—giving thanks for this newfound connection and this new relationship with your wombspace.

Morning meditation

If you want to go into your day with purpose, it’s a good practice to check in every morning with your emotions and desires. Sit in your wombspace connecting position. Close your eyes, focus on your wombspace, and breathe deeply. Find yourself being held in your temple and take inventory of any emotions that are currently present.

Is there fear? Is there discouragement? Is there hopelessness? Do you want to give up? Are you being triggered by someone on your team? Are you judging or blaming others? Are you feeling alone or unsupported? Notice what’s going on without feeling the need to change anything. Become aware of, acknowledge, and just be with these feelings and parts of you.

Now, connect with your desire. Envision what your life and business are like in three months and then three years. Who are you being? What are you doing? How much money are you making? Where do you live? Where are you traveling? How many people are on your team? What is your team culture? How are you showing up as a leader in your company? How are you giving back? What kind of relationships are you engaged in? How do you feel in your body? How are you being supported? Hold these visions and desires.

Sink further into your wombspace and fuel these desires with pleasure—the pleasure of your breath and movement, the pleasure of your connection to the earth, the pleasure of you being in your body, and the pleasure of how relaxed and energized you feel.

Continue breathing into and moving your pelvis and become aware of the gratitude for these desires. Be grateful for them now, even before they have manifested. Find three specific things that are already present in your business and life that you are grateful for. Focus on all of the beauty that is around you now and let this gratitude move through your whole body.

Feel yourself energized and aligned. Ask, “Whose life am I meant to bless today? What are my next soul-aligned action steps today? How can I show up more powerfully today in order for my business to thrive?” Continue connecting to wombspace through breath and movement and listen to hear the answers.

Harness your power

This meditation focuses on finding your inner power, passion, and pleasure, and using those forces to focus your energies on your desires and goals. Pleasure increases neuropeptides like opioids, endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin—resulting in a “pleasure cocktail” that reroutes the pathways to your brain, giving you more creativity.

Sit in your wombspace connection position. Close your eyes and place your hands, palm over palm, over your wombspace. Relax your shoulders and jaw. Activate your wombspace with breath and movement. See yourself in your temple, feeling relaxed, energized, and aligned.

Get in touch with your desires. These desires can be more general, such as the desire to be of higher-level service to others, to make more money, or to have a greater level of freedom in your life. Then get specific about the desires around action steps that will lead you to these more general desires. This may involve giving a great presentation, having your first three-way call, recruiting a specific number of people, reaching a new rank, etc. Just be with these desires and relax into them without worrying about the how.

Connect with your pleasure through pelvic movement and breath, and your connection to the earth. Feel yourself being held, supported, and loved by the Great Mother that the earth is. Rest into this precious connection with yourself and with her. Let yourself become even more relaxed and energized. Let self-love wash over your entire being, remembering to saturate even the parts of you that you don’t love. Let this pleasure and self-love, and the resulting “pleasure cocktail,” ignite your power, passion, and courage. Feel a fire burning in your wombspace and let that fire spread throughout your entire body.

Feel your spine in alignment as you allow the energy of this power, passion, and courage to move into every cell. Use this energy to make your desires a nonnegotiable. Make a decision and a commitment that you are unavailable for anything else.

Unfold with grace

One common notion of meditation is that it’s a way to clear your mind and feel peace. That is one purpose, but it’s far from the only benefit you can experience by making meditation a daily practice. Meditation helps you connect with your body, get in touch with your emotions and desires, focus on your future, and replenish your energy and creativity.

Every morning, take five to ten minutes to prepare for your day. Connect with your feminine power, harness it, and make a commitment to the goals that your newfound passion and energy bring. The more you are able to access meditation’s myriad benefits, the more your business will unfold with ease and grace.


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