“Zip Up” To Protect Your Energy: A How-To Guide…

“Zip Up” To Protect Your Energy: A How-To Guide

This is a really cool technique that will protect you in energy-zapping situations. For instance, if at your job your coworkers are not nice or they take your ideas or they’re highly critical and you know you’re going into a meeting that day, zip up your energy before entering the conference room. Or, perhaps you’re going to a family dinner and you don’t get along with your in-laws because of differences of opinion and you end up feeling really depleted. You want to be able to stay strong, stay in your positive space, and not let anything in.

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“Zipping up” is actually fun, and it’s very empowering, too. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Hold your hand like you’re going to zip something up.
  2. Bend and touch your toes where you start with the zipper.
  3. Then straighten up, pulling the imaginary zipper with you.
  4. Bring the “zipper” over your head and behind you and bring it all the way back down and close up the zipper behind you at the back of your heel.


Now you are strong and nothing can mess with you, literally. It’s amazing. And not only does it benefit you as you enter into a potentially energy-hazardous situation, it benefits the other people in the room, too, because it forces them to change their approach to how they connect with you and it allows the space for them to see things in a new way. It’s miraculous how you can shift the energy in a room that you’ve been in millions of times and always had the same results. Suddenly, the whole dynamic has changed. It’s powerful!

So how does this work? Everything is energy, so when you set your vibrational tone, where you’re resonating physically is going to affect everything that happens around you. Your strong vibration is going to touch upon those who see you and feel you, and it’s going to help your emotions, too. Just like when you go into a Super Man power pose (standing upright with fists at the waist), your confidence level skyrockets.

The other science at play here is the symbol that is helping you set that vibration. Your mind, which is the most powerful energy source in the world, works in pictures. This is why visualization is so important. The Law of Attraction says that you should picture the outcome you want to see, because that energetically sets the tone for what you are putting out to the universe. That’s why we make vision boards, and when we zip up our energy, we are building a wall that we can see will stand between us and anything that’s going to detract from what we want to accomplish.

So zip up your energy when you’re entering into potentially negative situations with energy suckers. If you’ve already been zapped, remember that energy just keeps moving back and forth. Get back to that positive space. Meditate. Remember to ask the universe to bring back your energy that you lost, then zip up so it doesn’t come back again.


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