You Were Worthy All Along…

You Were Worthy All Along

There’s a huge difference between success and value. Success is something acquired. It’s an external validation or nod from society that says you’ve made it. That sexy car is parked in the garage, you have disposable income, nice things, and the right everything.

The problem is many people are in possession of all those things yet still feel empty. They haven’t learned that value and worth are not measured by this version of success. This is where social programming and society got it wrong. The message is if you have all the external trappings of success then you are worthy and valuable as a human being. Generations have been raised on this false truth. Value and worth are something every human being is born with. Your value, what you bring to this Earth is inherent the moment you are born. It’s not something you strive for and achieve, it’s something you ARE.

The moment you are born all your talents and gifts are present within you. Everything you need to be successful at being who you are born to be is planted deep inside and ready to grow. Somewhere along the way social norms and expectations thwart the process. Family custom and tradition comes into play, the need to achieve and excel starts to trump the inner beauty glowing within you and this is where your beautiful perfect inner child light and glow start dimming. Your gifts remain but your light is dimmed intentionally so as not to draw attention to yourself. This is the moment it becomes more important to fit in than to stand out or be authentic.

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Traditional metrics of success

Many of us are measured by metrics of success and often fall short. This leads to a slow spiral of self-doubt and a pattern of negative dialogue swirling around day after day. The impact of our story over time is huge. It affects all decision making and the amount of faith we have in ourselves. We start hiding the things that make us so unique and beautiful so we can fit in and be accepted by people who really don’t matter. We didn’t realize our role here is to stand out and be the best versions of ourselves, not the version someone else wants us to be.

Acceptance and fitting in are not measures of value, they’re the measure of your ability to conform and adapt. People become masters of fitting in and belonging to a group. They wear all the masks and feel that means success is achieved. Belonging to ourselves first is what really matters.

Acceptance and belonging to a group means that you have blended in, which usually requires conformity. Choosing to belong to yourself takes courage and the ability to walk alone sometimes. A huge amount of inner strength is required to embark on this journey, but we are all much stronger than we think we are. Our minds have deceived us into thinking we can’t when in fact we can find our way back to ourselves and emerge stronger than ever.

Where true value is

True value is found in the deep recesses of your heart. It’s inherent and not earned or measured. The pearl in the oyster is YOU, every aspect of you is where your value exists. This means your entire being existing on this planet makes you worthy, you exist therefore you are. Value is totally an inside job, it has nothing to do with your intellect, your zip code, the name brand of your purse, type of car you drive or the balance in your bank account. Everyone is unique but so few embrace their true gifts and talents. They go for the safe job, the security, the choices that address deep fears of the mind instead of settling into a quiet space and listening to the heart.

Wherever you are on your journey, know that you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are everything you are meant to be because you are you! Many years have been lost drifting away from yourself, it’s time now to come back home. Rediscover what it is that moves you and sparks excitement inside, invite people into your life who see you! Stop compromising aspects of yourself to make others happy. True belonging means finding the way back to yourself. Belong to yourself first and foremost. Your true value is immersed in your soul. There lies the seed of greatness within. When nurtured and coaxed into bloom, the external reflects the internal. Tapping into your value and core being looks like a willingness to show up fearlessly, to be present, to be yourself even if the world doesn’t accept you. Allow people to judge you for “they can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves”.

It requires great courage to own your truth and show up in the world unapologetically as yourself without excuses not compromising your truth and values. The more aligned you become with your soul, the faster the Universe locks in everything to help bring forth your true essence. The right people and opportunities begin to show up, life begins to flow, and you start to find your rhythm.   Once you align fully with your soul and truth you realize you have always been worthy of love, full presence here in this life, and abundance.

Wherever you are on the journey, I see you. I honor the battles you have fought and the suffering you have endured. Let’s redefine success to mean you’ve made it to this point in your life. You have weathered every storm, you are still standing, or sitting or crawling and you haven’t given up. If you’re breathing, you haven’t tapped out even in your darkest hour. Turn inward and reconnect with the divine essence of you, this is where your journey to freedom begins. This is the connection to the soul, which is too vast to measure or comprehend. It is here that you will see and know that you have always been worthy to walk this world as you. Thank you for the value that you have brought to this day, to this life by choosing to show up as yourself!


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