Are You Afraid To Do What You Love?…

Are You Afraid To Do What You Love?

Being afraid to do what you love: it seems like such a strange concept to consider. I mean, why would any of us fear to live our fullest selves and doing what inspires us the most? Yet, it happens. And if you ask me, that fear stops way too many people from living their own brand of greatness.

I’ll start off here by saying, I lived in this state of fear for a long while. I knew what I loved. I knew what my work was to be in the world, but I threw up all kinds of roadblocks to my doing it. It took me looking deep within, to recognize how I was holding myself back. To finally own my passion and do my thing, I had to peel away the layers of shame and self-doubt, the fear of claiming my power and even standing up to my nay-sayers. You, doing what you love will change you in ways that you’ll never expect. And deep down, there’s a reason why your unconscious mind might want to protect you from going down that road. It knows you’ll need to change before you can fully get out there and do anything.

You’ll have to continually evolve into new states of being, again and again. But, that’s the lovely soul-work that comes with you doing what you love. And if you’re hitting a wall, there’s a reason why.

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The Fear of Success? That’s Too Simple a View

In my work, people will often label their stuckness around doing what they want to do, as fear of success. But when someone tells me that’s the problem, I know they’re holding the real fear at arm’s length. When we dig deeper, there’s usually at least one of these 4 core issues getting in the way of them doing their thing or taking their work to the next level. See if any of these resonate with you.

Choosing to Actually Change

Sometimes the first obstacle to getting what your heart and spirit desires is to embody the realization that you’re choosing to grow. To get where you want to get to, no matter what that transformation is, you need to learn how to be a new version of you; the YOU who can embody the thing you wish to have. This is how you create, by first becoming the one who can have what you seek. If you’re into your personal growth, you may be someone who goes charging ahead into creating change. But when you really take a breath and recognize that you must change, it’s easy to end up putting on the breaks.

You’ve got to put aside any dreamy idea of “Wouldn’t it be great if” and, first, fully embody the realization that in order to get what and where you want, you must choose to change. You must choose to look at your stuff; choose for YOU to be different. Being willing to go as deep into your own growth as you need to, to manifest what you seek, is the first gate you must pass through.

An Expectation of Disappointment

It’s not necessarily conscious, but when you’ve had experience after experience where what you hoped would happen, doesn’t, you create this energetic reference point where you expect things to fail. This often comes up if you’ve been struggling with things for a while; trying to make something happen, yet it just isn’t. Energetically you’re stuck in a loop. Despite all your excitement and all your efforts, this energetic reference point you hold dictates your situation. Deep within, you have a vibrational tape running that says, “This isn’t going to work.” Energetic reference points like failure and disappointment can run deep. There’s the mental aspect of recognizing and re-framing the belief, but re-patterning the energetic stronghold that’s developed over time – the frequency itself – is the deeper work that’s needed to move you ahead.


Doing your thing in the world stirs up all kinds of issues around responsibility. There’s a responsibility to yourself, where you must live in a higher state of energetic integrity – choosing what is aligned with you and owning your choices. The more conscious you become, the more you take on this level of personal responsibility. But more and more, people are finding that doing work that they love leads them off the beaten path. They might become entrepreneurs, create a start-up company or take the lead within a company to do things in new ways.

And as their work takes off, new levels of responsibility rise up. Being more financially responsible, being responsible for employees or even being responsible for sharing a message far and wide can come up as huge fears. Ultimately the question is, “Can I handle this?” Turning your lens toward where you might fear to be, or take on, more responsibility than you believe you can hold is a core piece of any up-leveling around your work.

Claiming What You Want

Claiming what you want, especially when it runs counter to what your family or society might expect of you, is a process. Is it okay to do what you want? Is it okay to claim your own path?

Feeling like it’s not, comes up all the time, especially if you’re on the cutting edge and ushering in new ideas. Before you can get out there and do what you love, you need to let go of doing what everyone else believes you should be doing with your life. You need to find your own footing and work through what triggers feelings like shame, self-doubt, guilt and the like when you take a step toward living your own life and doing your own thing. And if you struggle with any of that, look to your second chakra. Before you work on the business plan or the new CV, do the inner work of claiming you. Find your power. Find your voice.

You might even find that when you do, you’ll recognize even more of what you love and what you’re meant to be doing, adding fuel to your manifesting mojo to make it so.

The New Energy Paradigm has Your Back

The mere act of living a conscious life and choosing to do work that you love means you must be (and stay) conscious. And if you can stay conscious – in the moment – to make the best choices that feel aligned with your heart and spirit, you will find your way. For your work to work, you must live in energetic integrity and make choices that speak to your truth. And no matter what your work is, I believe when you operate this way, your work becomes service. You model who you are and your own higher values through what you do – and in that, you help change the world.

To me, that’s reason enough to keep working through what holds you back so you get out there and do what you’re here to do.


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