Is World Peace Realistic?…

Is World Peace Realistic?

You know the idea of world peace must be illogical when its become a stereotypical answer in the beauty pageant circuit. In the world of today, it wouldn’t be a stretch to claim that anyone who truly hopes for world peace is not only kidding themselves but is impeding their own ability to further develop mentally. I could attest to this with the perceived nature of duality—without wars, we wouldn’t know peace, and vice versa—but I would only be kidding myself.

Duality is a concept that only exists within the third-dimensional realm that most humans exist within—if it exists at all, that is. Despite other writings of mine which tend to fall more toward an existential viewpoint, there still lives a ray of hope hidden deep within the haunted corridors of my mind. We live in a paradoxical time, wherein we blindly put our trust in technological progress and advancements, while still holding onto holistic remedies and practices of antiquity. Why do we still hold onto these ancient ways of life? Perhaps it’s something within each of us that is trying to warn of the dangers of technology.

Now don’t get me wrong, I clearly use technology like everyone else. Its use has become mandatory in our society—which should tell you something. Also, I do not subscribe to many popular practices and beliefs that fall under the label “New Age;” however, I know firsthand the benefits of what meditation can do, as well as have seen and physically felt waves of energy.

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Energy and manifestation

We live in a vast ocean of energy, where everything is made up of vibrations, frequencies, or waveforms. We exist within a spiral galaxy, therefore everything within it revolves around the same pattern; the golden ratio; the Fibonacci sequence. Humans are all forms of energy working and vibrating within the same frequency range that is visible to us, but there are many different forms of energy that are invisible to the human eye. They exist all around us and even occupy the same space. The entire electromagnetic spectrum of visible light, that we can see, actually represents only 0.003 percent of all the energy in the universe. Even the “physical” universe that we can detect using the senses makes up only 4 percent of it.

Now, pause for a minute to think about this…

That tells us that all physical existence we can see—in the form of plants, rocks, humans, animals, planets, stars, galaxies, etc.—is only a tiny fraction of what actually exists. So, literally, at least 98 percent of “reality” is invisible to us.

Crazy, right?

To get back to the point, energy is consciousness or awareness. It cannot be created, nor destroyed. Energy also flows wherever the attention goes. In other words, the more we place our focus on something, the more energy it receives. And the more energy it receives, the more it manifests into reality.

How does this tie-in with world peace?

During the Lebanon War in the ’80s—a time of fear and turmoil—one thousand people meditated together in Jerusalem with the same intention of world peace. During that period, war-related deaths dropped 75 percent, as well as crime rate and other violent happenings. Our words and thoughts have more power than most people believe. Japanese pseudoscientist Dr. Emoto has proven this with his water crystal experiments. By merely speaking to a glass of water or simply writing on the glass, using positive or negative words, he shows the power of our words. When frozen, under a microscope, the water crystals given a “positive treatment” form beautiful, symmetrical patterns; whereas, the negatively treated crystals appear chaotic and formless.

At one point in time, human beings were telepathic and were not limited with only five senses. Throughout millennia, these abilities have been suppressed and forgotten. These abilities still exist deep within us, in what’s now referred to as “junk DNA.” We are still able to manifest our reality by mere thoughts, and a little bit of action.

Much of what we are taught in school is either not the entire truth or is a complete lie. Our history has been significantly changed many times by those in power, and is in the middle of one now, with protesters tearing down historical statues. Scientists of quantum physics have known since the early twentieth century of free energy, thanks to Nikola Tesla, but since society clearly wasn’t and still isn’t ready for it, they instead pushed the false theories of Einstein—theory of relativity, nothing faster than the speed of light, etc.—and killed Tesla.

There is so much more to ourselves and our world than what we have been told.

If world peace is what everyone wanted, then we would have it. But obviously, there are people who do not want such a thing. Their livelihoods rely on war and conflict. They are the minority, however, which is why I believe we can have world peace. If most of the world remembered or believed in our ability to manifest what we want, world peace can be attained.


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