5 Telltale Signs That Help Us Wake Up To Wisdom…

5 Telltale Signs That Help Us Wake Up To Wisdom

The planets advise: It’s time to get wise.

So … how’s that going for you? Getting wise, I mean.

For many years I have been an avid student of planetary energy trends, what I like to call “the energies of the time” that gently (or not so gently : ) guide our focus. How perfect now that the energies of the time are activating new thinking, higher consciousness, and wisdom. In the midst of way-too-many daily reminders of the “old” ways of separation consciousness formed from a mechanistic, one-dimensional tattered science that declared “only physical matter is real,” you and I are resonating with something else.

It’s a new awareness, a confirmation of a state you recognize within yourself.

We are attuned to a quantum view—a more beautiful, elegant, expansive, multidimensional reality that works completely different than what has predominated in our human culture for the past 400 years. The emergence of the Aquarian Age heralds gifts of innovation and genius, unity, and harmony.

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We’re locking in on a code of consciousness that connects us to the aha! of all ahas! …

  • That we really are One.
  • That consciousness is fundamental.
  • That we’re connected through the field.
  • That reality is malleable, and we’re the ones wielding the reality mallet.
  • That every moment is alive and teeming with Possibility.
  • That our own act of Observation moves energy and manifests results.
  • That thought activates chemical sequences affecting health, mental acuity, and peace of mind.
  • That we indeed are the creators or at least the co-creators of our own reality.
  • That the “standard” reality could use an extreme makeover right now.

The BIG question inevitably jumps out at you: how do I live this in ordinary daily life surrounded by chaotic upheavals and scary uncertainties?

Is it enough just to know the wisdom, the spiritual maxims, and scientific principles? Or is it time to actually live it? And by the way, how do you know if you are? Knowing it and living it are worlds apart. Sometimes this gets tricky. We think we know things. Oh yeah, awesome – the quantum reality? I’m hip. Are you kidding? I’ve been into it for years. I take baths in quantum foam! And of course, I meditate every day.

What happens when you come out of meditation?

You stroll into the kitchen and suddenly you’re in a heated debate with your mate over which way to arrange the dishes in the dishwasher. Okay, maybe that example is a tad Seinfeld-ian (then again, maybe not?). You turn on the TV or glance at the notifications in your phone or your Internet news of choice and boom! Your mind takes off judging mercilessly every politician and pundit and persona non grata who speaks outside of your POV (point of view). What happened to unity consciousness, compassion, and unconditional love? Aren’t you the Observer creating the reality?

A Quantum Leap In Consciousness

It’s not that we want to be that way and it’s not even personal—it’s cultural. We’re in a Quantum Age still conditioned by the “old world view” Industrial Age thinking from an earlier phase of humanity’s evolution of consciousness.

The conditioned mind tends to get hijacked by “Least-action Pathways.”                         A Least-action Pathway is a term I adapted from science to indicate the mechanical habits of thought, habits of relating, and habits of actions that automatically kick in.

Our “old world view,” though full of genius, silently taught us to analyze, categorize and make “absolute” conclusions based on physical circumstances that appear fixed and static. Now thank goodness we know our quantum minds are not limited by physical space and linear time and existing circumstances. We have the power of Intent. Least-action Pathways are neither good nor bad. They are simply habits that we can awaken from.

Sages and saints have admonished us: Wake up!

What can we do to activate our wisdom?

The great yogic sage Patañjali said of the methods of waking up, ( I am paraphrasing) when all else fails you can awaken from noticing you are asleep. Makes sense. When you notice you’re asleep you’re already awake!

The Tao Te Ching, the classic text of Taoist philosophy advises:

“When you wish to contract something, you must momentarily expand it; When you wish to weaken something, you must momentarily strengthen it.”

If we want to know if our wisdom is activated, if we are living it, it’s a good idea to notice when we’re not living it.

Five telltale signs you’re not living the wisdom — and how to activate it

1. You’re still “hiding out” with your private wisdom stash.

As long as you’re hiding your wisdom and knowledge of the nature of our multidimensional reality and the way it works, concerned your ideas won’t be “accepted,” can you honestly say you’re living it?

Activate Wisdom: Show people your true, authentic self.

2. You’re acting as if there’s an Us and a Them.

You relate to people as if there are those “in the know,” the new paradigm folks, the cultural creatives, (or what I lovingly call “the consciousness crowd”) and then there are the other people. How do we get this mainstream? Let’s break it to ourselves gently, friends: as long as we are holding ourselves separate from mainstream, it’s not happening. It becomes mainstream when you and I are mainstream. When we give up thousands of years of spiritual elitism and create the convergence of Traditionalists, Moderns, and Cultural Creatives – voilà! – Higher consciousness prevails as the new mainstream.

Activate Wisdom: See the Highest in everyone. (This means EVERYONE.)

3. You’re still living as if circumstances “rule.”

As long as you think/believe there are immutable circumstances “out there” that you can’t do anything about, could this possibly be considered living the wisdom of “creating your reality”? Well, yes, you are creating that reality – the reality that you can’t do anything about. (AKA, “victim consciousness” : ))

Activate Wisdom: Learn this QuantumThink mantra.

Old world view = circumstances rule. New world view = Intent rules.

4. You create your Intent for the day and it’s not working.

You’re ready to call up your Intent guru and demand to know what went wrong. The thing is: Intent cannot not work. Universal principles are like that. Could it be you’ve got a few unaware counter-Intents running in the background?

Activate Wisdom: Notice if you are holding an “unaware intent” – something you are holding as “the way it is.” Interrupt it, realizing there are no fixed and absolute realities. Just because you have a thought doesn’t make it “the truth.” (Good news!)

5. You think “the Observer effect” is only in effect, sometimes.

Think of all the times you blame your loved ones, the government, the corporations, the management, the technology, the media – momentary amnesia – forgetting that in an Observer-created Reality: What you bring is what you get.

Activate Wisdom: Realize there are circumstances, and then there is how you are related to the circumstances. It is in that relationship where your power lies.

Shift what you bring to your observation – of a person, a situation, of yourself – and circumstances are likely to shift, too.

Observer Override

Can the consciously awakened mind override the Least-action Pathway habits? In a word:  Yes. It’s the only thing that can. It’s time for Wisdom. What a joy it is live it!


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