13 Reasons You Should Switch To Cruelty-Free Beauty Now…

13 Reasons You Should Switch To Cruelty-Free Beauty Now

Cosmetic animal testing is cruel treatment of defenseless animals.

People are switching to cruelty-free beauty these days. Wondering what all of this hype is about? Here are thirteen reasons why you should totally go for it.

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#1 You’re human, not inhumane

While it is a common misconception that animal testing is confined to lab rats, this is far from the truth! Rabbits, cats, and dogs, (especially beagles) are some other animals that are confined to cages and put through the most inhumane living conditions. These animals are put through several lab tests that are beyond horrid. Cruel is an understatement for what these poor innocent souls go through. They’re tortured in the worst ways possible, tried and tested on, before they’re ultimately killed.

#2 It’s better for your skin

Join the race for clean, clear and glowing skin while you still can! The hype for an essential skin-care routine has never been louder. While you strive to achieve the best skin for yourself, why not go cruelty-free for it? Studies have shown that cruelty-free beauty products are much, much better for your skin. They’re much more organic, healthier, and natural. Get rid of all the harmful chemicals while you still can!

#3 Bang for your buck

Let’s be real. Beauty and skin-care don’t come cheap. There are so many steps to a routine, and so many products out there, that we’re all a little guilty for overspending. Why not save money in the process? Cruelty-free beauty is not only healthier but can also be so much more affordable. Switch to cruelty-free beauty and make a bang for your buck!

#4 Why test on animals when there are so many alternatives available?

Several countries like South Korea, New Zealand, Israel have banned the cosmetic industry from animal-testing. Wonder how the industries in these countries are still up & running, not to mention very successful? This is because there are alternatives to animal testing. Companies just don’t want to resort to alternative means to serve their selfish motives. For example, Vitro-testing is a type of research testing method adopted by cosmetic companies that do not involve animals. Computer models and Cultured Cell Tissues are other examples of cruelty-free cosmetic testing. Several companies claim they’re just doing what they’re doing to ensure the safety of ingredients for our personal use. Why not use these alternative means to do so if they’re so concerned about the safety of beings?

#5 You can up your eco-warrior game

The environment needs you. You need the environment. In addition to the several other benefits it has, cruelty-free beauty is also eco-friendly. So you’re not only saving animals, your skin, and your money, but you’ll also be saving the environment. By investing in cruelty-free beauty, you’re not only making yourself beautiful but also helping keep the environment beautiful. All the more reason to invest in these products. Join the movement now!

#6 It has better ingredients

Cruelty-free products have lesser, but more effective ingredients overall. They also tend to use fewer chemicals in the process. Investing in cruelty-free products will leave you worrying less about the several toxins, harmful chemicals, and parabens being absorbed by your body – cause there won’t be any!

#7 Animal welfare matters

You’re a human being. The human being is the most intellectually and technologically advanced animal to have walked this earth. But guess what, that’s right. You’re an animal too. Try to put yourself in the position of these poor souls who cannot speak, cannot express what they’re feeling, and cannot fend for themselves. Would you be happy to be bred just for the purpose of ultimately heinously being killed? Being tried and tested on? Being experimented on? Animal welfare matters too. They have emotions too. Just because they can’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t feel the pain, feel the highest level of torture.

Animals deserve to live healthy and happy lives, not getting hurt in cosmetic tests.

#8 Healthier, more natural

Organic and natural products are gaining massive popularity in today’s world. Cruelty-free products are not only less toxic, but are more natural too. They’re made up of much more natural, toxicity-free ingredients than other products, and are much much healthier for your skin. Don’t let your beautiful skin absorb harmful chemicals, toxins, and damaging ingredients. Your body is a temple – nourish it!

#9 Do good, feel good

By going cruelty-free, you’re doing good to the countless animals who involuntarily sacrificed their lives so that we could have an extra bottle of moisturizer, an extra package of mascara in our world. By going cruelty-free, you condemn animal-testing. You’re doing good. You’re bringing justice to them. You might have noticed how performing a random act of kindness brings a wide smile to not only the recipient’s face but yours too. You feel good about yourself. Do good, feel good.

#10 Bring about a more mindful beauty regimen

Going cruelty-free will allow you to adopt a more mindful beauty regimen. And hey, let’s be real, we could all use all the help we can find to better our lifestyles in this fast-paced era.

#11 Your voice matters, your vote matters

By going cruelty-free, you’re casting your vote. A vote against animal cruelty. You’re doing this by choosing NOT to spend on the products that make animals involuntarily suffer for you. Yay, you! You just moved a thousand steps ahead in your journey to becoming a better, mindful person.

#12 Animals feel pain too

Like I mentioned so many times earlier in this article, animals feel pain too. Animals are as capable of experiencing emotions as we are. Just because they aren’t equipped with a well-constructed mechanism to express these emotions, doesn’t mean they don’t feel them. End animal-cruelty. Contribute a little in making this world a better place for them to live in.

#13 Give back

And finally, by going cruelty-free, you’re not only bettering your regime and your lifestyle, but you’re giving back to the environment. To animals. You’re raising your voice against an inhumane practice. You’re giving back kindness. Close your eyes and try to listen. You’ll hear countless whispers. They’re just animals, meekly whispering ‘thank you’ in your ear.


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