10 Counterintuitive Reasons Fear Is Good For Us…

10 Counterintuitive Reasons Fear Is Good For Us

Some people enjoy being scared by thrilling activities such as white-water rapids shooting, while there are others who would rather not feel this emotion at all. Why should you welcome fear in the first place?

Fear keeps you safe

Fear is an internal danger alarm. Fear motivates you to take action and assists you in making wise and prudent decisions. Fear would make it impossible to live long if you didn’t fear the dangers around you. It is possible to run across busy roads and not be able to react in a split second when you see a car racing towards you. Your body responds to fear by triggering the fight-or flight response. This fear response is what keeps you alive when you are in danger. Without it, you won’t be able to focus, fight, flee, or speed up.

Fear helps you lose weight

Fear can actually help you lose weight. Your body experiences an increase in adrenaline when your pulse rate increases. Your metabolism kicks into high gear, burning sugar and fat faster. This causes your heart to beat faster and increases your blood flow to your muscles. One study by physiologists from London’s University of Westminster showed that subjects who watched horror films such as The Shining or The Exorcist burned on average 113 calories. This is roughly the same amount they would burn during a half-hour walk.

Boost the immune system

Participants were shown horror films to temporarily boost their immune systems. The blood samples were taken from the participants before and after the screening. Results showed that film-watchers experienced a rise in activated white cells. These cells are vital for fighting disease and repairing your body. Your immune system’s strength is determined by how many white blood cells you have.

It can be fun

Fear can be fun and exciting if it is taken in the right amount. They ride rollercoasters, skydive and shoot white-water rapids. Joggers can reach a runner’s peak by changing their regular trails to routes that are more dangerous due to unstable footing. Fear can make you feel alive if you venture outside of your comfort zone. This is exciting and fun. The adrenaline that is released can help reduce depression. It increases excitement, arousal and glucose, which then converts into energy. A little fear can give you a boost of adrenaline, just as caffeine can help you perform at your best but too much can cause you to crash. When you feel scared or fearful, it’s almost impossible to think about your daily worries and pressures. Fear is a “eraser” for your mind.

Fear can give you a natural high

Fear releases adrenaline, but there are other chemicals, like dopamine and endorphins. It’s not surprising, because serotonin helps your brain work more efficiently. Fear is energy.

If you run three miles a day and are a runner, your brain is less likely to be in a running high. Instead, find something new with precarious feet and be scared to put your focus. The brain loves new challenges. It’s the key to neuroplasticity. You feel empowered every time you overcome a challenge or achieve your goals. You feel great afterwards because this natural, biological high lasts much longer than your time feeling scared.

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated that “Do the thing, you will have power.” This means that you can already generate the energy to accomplish the things you fear by doing them. You feel empowered when you achieve your goals regardless of your fears.

Fear can help you relax and manage stress

Fear is the root of stress. Fear is a fear that things will not turn out the best for you or in the right way. Your body and brain become more stressed when you are under stress. This causes your heart rate to rise and blood pressure to increase. It also floods your muscles with oxygen, preparing your muscles for flight or fight. Your senses are energized. The natural opioids your brain releases can make the noise in your head disappear, making you feel calmer.

Fear can help you to stay present and focus

You can use fear to help you focus on the work or planning you need to do. The adrenaline you get when you are scared activates your nervous system. norepinephrine another hormone is released and keeps you calm instead of panicking. Norepinephrine is an antidepressant that helps you think clearly under stress. Our world is full of mind-numbing distractions. Fear can make us stop watching TV and surfing the Web and makes us fully alert and awake.

Fear releases oxytocin which makes it want to form bonds with other people. To survive, the brain instinctively wants to be with others.

Fear can socialize you and bond you with other people

Fear can cause oxytocin to be released. This hormone is associated with prosocial behavior. The brain’s survival instinct is to seek comfort from others. To increase survival chances, the brain’s survival instinct tells us to partner with others. This is the perfect example of this survival instinct.

Fear can help you live your life to its fullest

You have two options when you are afraid of something: you can either let it stop you or face it head-on to expand the opportunities and possibilities in your life. Fear of something can help you identify a problem area in your life. You can Travel the World if you are afraid of flying, but you face your fear and overcome it. You’ll have a rich and varied life that is rewarding. There will be fewer regrets.

Fear can help you see the bigger picture and make decisions that will benefit your life

Mountaineers can summit at the place where courage meets fear. Have you ever thought to yourself, “When I have more free time, I’ll spend it with my loved ones, pursue my passions, eat better, or exercise more.”? Fear can make you realize that the best time to accomplish what you want is now. It is impossible to predict what will happen in the future.

So, be happy to feel fear!


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