Why Do We Find Happiness In Serving Others?…

Why Do We Find Happiness In Serving Others?

Happiness begins from the moment you do something for others. When you give happiness to others, you will receive happiness. Whatever you give is what you get back – this is the law of Nature. This world is in the form of an echo. Whatever you do echoes and returns to you with interest. Therefore if you give happiness, you will receive a lot more happiness in return.

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Life is meant for practicing benevolence and serving others

The purpose of human life is to serve others. Serving others means we use our mind, our speech, and our actions for the benefit of others. In doing so, we will never fall short of material comforts and worldly happiness in life. Moreover, we will bind such merit karma that it will help us meet an Enlightened being (guru) who will grace us with Self-realization and open the gateway to eternal happiness for us!

Our nature becomes beautiful when our attitude is to serve others selflessly. So let’s learn how we go about developing this attitude:

  • When you make a firm decision that you want to serve others, the change will occur within you.
  • More important than a person’s external actions are his internal intents. So make sure that you have a constant internal intent to serve others and lessen others’ misery.
  • Just like the tree’s fruits belong to whoever takes it, irrespective of whether one is kind or unkind, we too should live our life only for serving others, without any judgment or conditions.
  • Many devote themselves to serving people outside but behave very differently at home. Service to people at home comes first. When there are no complaints about you in your home, it means your service is real.
  • Service to others should be sincere and done from the heart; only then is it fruitful. When we serve without any expectations of fame, prestige, praise or recognition, such service is real. Praise and prestige will naturally come, but you shouldn’t have any desire for it.
  • In case expectations of fame and power arise within you, have sincere repentance in your heart and seek forgiveness from God, with a vow that henceforth you do not want to keep any such expectation or greed. Such greed can create a lot of difficulties in life. Therefore, we shall always maintain sincere repentance for it, so that we can serve happily!

Why do we find happiness in serving others?

Relieves pain

The main reason why we serve people is because we feel pain seeing them suffering. Their miserable condition greatly hurts us. And so we try to help them in order to ease our own pain. When our pain is relieved, we find great happiness. This is a subtle fact that we seldom realize.

Merit karma

Nevertheless, when we serve others in the best way we can, we bind enormous merit karma. The fruit of such karma is material comforts and worldly happiness. As a result, we will have peace and happiness in this life and we will reap great rewards in our next life too.

Happiness is found in giving to others

Trees do not reap their own fruits because they want us to enjoy their fruits and flowers. Likewise, when we give our fruits to others, we will continue to receive ours.

Nature’s law

What would the owner of the tree do if the tree ate its own fruits? Would he not chop it down? But the tree stands to benefit others. Similarly, when we give the fruits of our efforts to others, Nature takes care of us – this is the hidden science! Whatever benefits come your way, whether they are related to your body, your mind or your speech, if you give these benefits freely for serving others, others, you will receive everything for yourself.

All your wishes will be fulfilled and you will not lack any of life’s necessities, keeping you naturally happy. However, if we keep the benefits for our self, we experience obstructions throughout our life, such is the rule.

Higher life form

The trees and plants serve humans by offering wood, leaves, and fruits to them. Humans progress with their help. And what does the tree receive in return? The tree evolves to a higher life form and derives great happiness from it. The same rule applies to us humans as well. Those who give away their own happiness in service of others will be born as celestial beings. And those who take away the happiness of others have to go into the animal form in the next life.

The satisfaction of duty rendered

When we serve in a manner that is convenient to the people in society, it is a social duty (samaaj dharma) that we perform. This gives us inner satisfaction and a feeling of contentment, which makes us feel good about ourselves. People in society also hold a good opinion about us. When we serve someone in need, it inspires them, in turn, to help others. It generates confidence in us and gives rise to higher self-esteem and overall well-being. An atmosphere of positive vibes, optimism, and a feeling of oneness gets created that keeps us truly happy.

Serving the elderly

The elderly are put in an extremely pathetic and helpless state when there’s no one who pays any attention to them at home. They cannot say anything outside, but within they experience deep pain. Hence, they end up binding negative karma, which is not at all good. When we serve the elderly by visiting them in old age homes, making basic arrangements for their meals, and consulting social service organizations to see how better amenities can be provided to make their life worthwhile, it brings a big smile on their face. This smile makes us experience the happiness of heaven on this earth.

Blessings of Parents and Guru

How can we forget the benevolence of these three people who have put us on the right path in life? The greatest service to them lies in not seeing their faults ever. Dadashri, an enlightened teacher, says, “Whoever makes their parents happy will never be unhappy. Service to parents gives instant rewards. We cannot see God, at least we can see our parents!!”


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