When Things Aren’t Flowing…

When Things Aren’t Flowing

Every now and then we find ourselves in situations when it feels like things just aren’t going our way. We adapt, make new plans, adjust our actions, come up with new solutions, again and again. Still, our desired goal feels no closer than it did when we started.

I’m in that kind of a situation right now. I’m observing my mind overthinking for a couple of days now. I know there can be no answers on the mind-level, but I still have to allow it to play through. No point in fighting your own mind, just observing is enough. It will prevent the mind from going too far or reacting to the situation and inner conflicts, creating more drama and wasting more precious energy.

The struggle

Whatever the mind throws at me, no matter how strong, smart or logical it seems, it cannot even come close to the real root of the problem. The mind wants to find solutions but, in order to prevent me from digging deep into it, it will keep presenting problems and fixes that are external, or just seemingly internal or deep. It’s a familiar voice by now, having heard it thousands of times before. It always makes sense, but it’s almost never right.

“The Universe wants you to give your 100 percent. You need to work hard for the things you really want, it is simply a test to see how much you really want it. There is nothing Life can throw at you that you can’t handle. You manifested the problem in the first place, so enjoy the lesson. It is all about the exchange of energies. Be persistent and things will align eventually.”

It gets very close to the Truth, but it’s always going to subtly drive you away from it because the real issue and the truth the mind will never willingly admit is that there is no issue at all. There is nothing to fix, no goal to pursue, no flow to achieve, no problems to solve, no moment to wait for. It is simply not possible to find solutions for the problem that is entirely mind-made. We create a goal, we create the problems, we create the solutions and in that dance, we get nowhere really.

On goals and dreams

Does that mean that no goal is worth pursuing, that there are no dreams to follow?

No, I don’t think so. Every dream we have, every spark of passion, everything that inspires us is there for us to pursue it. It’s just not really about that specific final goal we envisioned, the success we deserve or a project we feel we are born to bring to life. These things might happen sure, but it is our path there that holds the key to its own purpose.

There is no way of seeing it or knowing where exactly it leads until we are already on the path. With every step forward, more of the road is presented; just like the GPS in your phone, it activates only after you start walking, showing you more and more the further you go. And we don’t really need to see the entire journey. The destination is always the same, but the path there is always shifting, depending on our own actions, feelings and steps. We can get there Now, or we can travel for lifetimes, it’s all up to us.

Slow down

So, what to do when we feel stuck when it’s just “not happening”? The more urgent it is for the mind, the more we need to do the opposite and slow down. Take time for yourself, regain your breath, observe your mind as it struggles, convincing you that you need to push harder, think more, work more. It doesn’t really know what to do. It’s just caught in its own patterns and is frantically trying to keep itself (and you) busy and distracted. It can’t handle the big truth so it will create a million tiny lies, hoping that we’ll forget all about it as we move on to the next challenge or goal.

So, slow down, and the mind will slow down eventually, too. It is your mind, after all, you are in charge. Then, when the mind is sufficiently silent, consult the inner voice, the one that emerges suddenly from that silence, happy to be heard, always ready, always loving.

Ask yourself how important really this goal is for you? Is it really a matter of Life and Death? Can it wait a bit, and if it can’t, are you going about it the right way? Does trying to push a building really qualifies as productive work, no matter how tired it makes you? If you stop, take a step back you might actually see the path around it, or a door you never noticed. It might take you exactly where you were trying to push to arrive or, more likely, someplace even better.

All your dreams are yours to have. All the success you ever wanted is given freely, the moment you understand it not about attaining that success or fulfilling that dream, but about how getting there changed you; how much you have grown and learned and expanded on the way there. That expansion the only currency Universe cares about.

And if all this is too much for you at that stressful moment, just try to remember that it will pass, that you have been through so many challenges already; have thought a thousand times that you can’t take it anymore, that you have no strength left, that you are simply too tired of it all – and still you are here, now. You have gone through and beyond all those bad times, you will go through this one as well, intact, stronger and wiser for it.

Trust that, at least, and everything else will come by itself eventually. The fruit can’t will itself to be ripe, no matter how much it’s looking at the other fruit of the same branch. Time takes care of that, just hold on.


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