The 7 Dazzling Archetypes Of The Goddess Boss…

The 7 Dazzling Archetypes Of The Goddess Boss

Your strongest and weakest chakra energies may tell you about your archetypal signature as well as your leadership style. Archetypes exist in our collective unconsciousness, and our expression of these behavior patterns indicate which ones are strong or weak in us. When we immerse ourselves in the mythologies of Goddesses from cultures around the world, they act as portals for us to explore these archetypal patterns. In them, we see divine beings who embody leadership qualities in an empowered feminine way.

Wonder what kind of Goddess Boss you are? Read on to understand your mythic self through the 777 activations: 7 goddess archetypes, energetically connect to the 7 chakras and the 7 gifts of your sacred feminine leadership strengths.

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Maiden – Root

The maiden archetype represents the original, core essence of a woman’s being as a young girl. She is innocent, playful, and creative. Women can access their inner maiden through any kind of play, social fun, and giving themselves a break from ‘adulting’ once in a while. This archetype is present in the Root Chakra.

Her goddess gift is vulnerability. You may be surprised to see that listed as a leadership quality. It is an important one, however, because it is a fact that people feel better connected to and trust leaders more when they show vulnerability. This lends itself to a collaborative leadership style, with the understanding that nothing is ever achieved alone. You may have a Maiden leadership style if you value transparent honesty, the creative process over the end result, and haven’t lost the ability to bring play into your work.

Some Goddesses that represent the Maiden archetype are Persephone, Ostara, Artemis.

Mother – Sacral

The mother archetype is the instinctual urge in women to create new life and nurture growth. This is often expressed through child-rearing, but can also be satisfied with gardening, caring for animals, and fostering the growth of communities or projects. In general, this is the strongest and most prevalent type in women. This archetype is present in the Sacral Chakra. The goddess gift of the great Mother is nurturance; her natural ability to tend to, care for and protect life energy. This is a vital quality in leadership so that whatever you are collectively working on sustains its life. This is one way that feminine leadership has a very positive, exponential effect on communities since strong leaders create more strong leaders.

You may have a Mother leadership style if you value looking out for your colleague’s well-being beyond work, enjoy feeling needed and appreciated for your caring nature, and like to take on projects to bring them to life.

Some Goddesses that represent the Mother archetype (and there are MANY): Yemanya, Demeter, Corn Mother, Gaia, Lakshmi, Hathor.

Wild Woman – Solar Plexus

The archetype of the wild woman evokes a primal response in women of feeling strong, free, and uninhibited. It can also trigger fear, for it is the most repressed feminine archetype. She is bold, confident, and knows her boundaries. The Wild Woman is present in the Solar Plexus Chakra. She gives the gift of courage to any woman leader to have the persistence to continue in the face of adversity. Commitment to your cause, believe that you can accomplish what you are setting out to do. Courage spurs the leader forward.

You may have a Wild Woman leadership style if you value being a trailblazer, working on larger scale projects and bigger stages, and aren’t afraid of the push-back you get from being outspoken and successful.

Some Goddesses that represent the Wild Woman archetype are Artemis (she does double duty as a Warrior Maiden), Pele, Freyja, Sekhmet.

Healer – Heart

The healer archetype most certainly exists with both masculine and feminine expressions. The healer is simply a channel for divine love and intelligence to flow through to help others regain harmony in the body, mind, and/or soul. This archetype is present in the Heart Chakra. Compassion is the goddess gift from the Healer, with the qualities of empathy and forgiveness. Think of an experience you’ve had with someone in a healing profession where their mere presence made you feel loved and taken cared of. Now imagine if more leaders on the global stage embodied this quality of compassion. What a wonderful world it would be.

You may have a Healer leadership style if you value a nourishing workspace, prioritize a work-life balance for your team (hello, 4-day work-week), and bring out the best in people with your belief in them.

Some Goddesses that represent the Healer are Quan Yin, Ixchel, Brigit, Iaso.

Creatrix – Throat

This archetype engages with our creative expression and manifestation abilities. The Creatrix assists us in giving voice to our ideas and bringing our dreams into form. In other archetype systems, she can be referred to as the Muse. The throat chakra is the Creatrix center. The gift of the Creatrix is manifestation. Leaders are expected to bring ideas and plans to life, so they must possess this ability to not only conceptualize, but to actualize. The feminine way of manifestation can look very different than the masculine, since it is typically more receptive and flowing rather than active and driven. This archetype helps women leaders bring creativity to their projects.

You may have a Creatrix leadership style if you are an innovator, your creative thinking is valued at every brainstorming session, and you have an uncanny ability to make shift happen.

Some Goddesses that represent the Creatrix are Aphrodite, Rhiannon, Ishtar, Astarte, Saraswati.

Crone – Third Eye

The Crone, or Wise Woman archetype can be a difficult one for us to embrace since we live in a society whose respect for its elders has greatly diminished. As well, with the dominant ideology of a woman’s most important roles being that of attractive maiden or fruitful mother — the Crone has no value. This is a tragic oversight that disregards the wisdom of older women and causes inner conflict within many women who struggle to embrace their inner knowing. The Crone resides in our Third Eye Chakra. The goddess gift of this archetype is vision, which she gains from both her lived experience and her intuition. Feminine leadership as a visionary wise woman is deeply rooted in intuition for what is in the highest good of all. This quality is essential for us to look at the bigger picture, as well as longer-term goals.

You may have a Crone leadership style if you’re known as the “big picture gal”, you value expertise and knowledge (people seek you out as an expert), and you pride yourself on being logical and level-headed.

Some Goddesses that represent the Crone/ Wise Woman are Hecate, Cerridwyn, Baba Yaga, Athena, Grandmother Spiderwoman.

Priestess – Crown

The Priestess archetype is a powerful one. She typically embodies many of the other types in a dynamic combination of empowered femininity. When we can harmonize our inner archetypes with grace, the Priestess is a multi-faceted role model for women to aspire to. The Crown chakra is the center for this Divine Queen. The Priestess gives the goddess gift of transformation. The ability to shape-shift our realities, to transmute negative experiences into positive wisdom, and to elevate the mundane human experience into one of divine exaltation — this is the alchemy of feminine leadership as a Priestess. It requires a special fusion of understanding universal laws, being deeply connected to the Divine, and applying a little magic. Then, the transformation can occur on a large scale.

You may have a Priestess leadership style if your work bridges the spiritual and the material worlds, you are adept at creating and holding space for others to experience transformation, and you value a connection to the Divine.

Some Goddesses that represent the Priestess are Isis, Dana, Inanna.

What kind of feminine leader are you? Which qualities mentioned are already your strengths, which ones are rising within you? What aspects are disowned in you, in your shadow? In learning how to understand our souls on a mythic level with feminine archetypes and Goddesses, we connect to our multi-dimensional nature. We perceive more information, and we make more energy available to us. We begin to see ourselves and everyone around us through this lens.

When you apply for this psychology and soul work in your career or business, you reach a new level of self-mastery and prosperity.


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