What Is Attitude, And Why Is It So Important?…

What Is Attitude, And Why Is It So Important?

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference both inside and out. It determines how we experience every aspect of our life. Our attitude is very important when we have nothing and equally important when we have everything. Attitude defines us in the world. One is chiefly recognized by his attitude as attitude reflects our mindset and influences our behavior in a big way. For example, if one has a generous attitude, he will never mind spending for others and seeing this, people in society recognize him as generous.

So, attitude is the secret power working 24×7 in our life. It works both ways, for good as well as bad. A good attitude brings happiness and joy in our life, whereas a bad attitude invites miseries and pain in life. A good attitude can take us to great heights while a bad attitude can make us fall from great heights. A bad attitude is one’s biggest disability as we can’t go anywhere with it.

Happiness is not dependent on the set of circumstances, it depends on the set of attitudes that we choose to have. Right attitude leads to right actions, and right actions will always bring about right results. Hence, it’s very important to adopt and harness right attitude in life.

What are the kind of right attitudes in life?

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Good and Gentle Attitude

One can’t always have a good day. But we can always face a bad day with a good attitude. Attitude is everything in life, so it is important you pick a good one. And when you do that, the bad day no longer remains bad for you. To develop this attitude, we should daily pray and ask for strength to generate a good and gentle attitude towards everything and everyone in life.

An Attitude to Help

Trees teach us to give our fruits to others. When we make others happy, we automatically become happy because what we give is what we receive. You may or may not be able to help people in action today, but your attitude to help is of key importance. And for this, you have to just make sure that your internal intent to help people is constantly present in life.

An Attitude to Adjust

When our attitude is to adjust, we can easily and effortlessly adjust to any atmosphere, be it hostile or kind. To nurture the attitude to ‘adjust’, we need to nurture flexibility, agreeability, and the willingness to go with the other person’s will, from within. A person with such an attitude is found to be affable, amiable and pleasant to interact with, by everyone. And having the attitude to adjust everywhere will always keep peace in our life.

A Positive Attitude

Our inner attitude determines how we see the outer aspects of life. Adopting a positive attitude in life can, therefore, convert any negative situation into a positive one. Positive is entirely on the side of God-the divine. It is our choice whether we want to embrace a positive attitude or a negative. In order to adopt a positive attitude, we must keep our intent positive.

A positive intent causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, positive speech, and positive deeds. When our attitude is positive, our intuition power enhances, our creativity increases and we always remain optimistic in any circumstances. We can’t change our fate, but we can certainly change our attitude.

The Forgiving Attitude

When in conflict with someone, the one factor that can make a difference in the form of damaging our relationship or deepening is the factor of a forgiving attitude. If we understand that ‘everything that happens in my life has been designed for my spiritual growth’, the forgiving attitude will come naturally. A revengeful attitude causes harm to one’s own self more than anyone else. Therefore, always try to practice a forgiving attitude.

You may begin to do so by first seeking forgiveness from the God within the person whom you are having a conflict with, and for the conflict having taken place. And next, let go of the past. When we let go of the past, our present automatically becomes richer and fuller.

A Straightforward Attitude

Life moves quite straight and smooth for the one who has a straightforward attitude. Most people are respected and liked when they’re straightforward in life. This attitude is of paramount importance for our spiritual growth. To develop a straightforward attitude, just stop putting compromising your own inner thoughts.

An Attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is a must in life to make progress in any sphere of life. It is a feeling of constant thankfulness or indebtedness for the benefits and advantages that we have received in life, towards those from whom we have received them. This attitude is best expressed by following the instructions of whom we feel grateful to. The attitude of gratitude should be the highest towards our parents or guardian who give us life and bring us up, and towards our teachers who give us worldly knowledge and teach us valuable things in life.


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