What If The People Around You Were Deeply Supportive?…

What If The People Around You Were Deeply Supportive?

If everyone in the world were supportive of one another, it would be a very different world. Right now, we are in the grips of everyone fighting with everyone. And that kind of thinking leads to world wars, depression, people starving, and all the scenarios we have going on at this moment.

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Can You Imagine

Can you imagine a world where everyone was supportive of you, your family, and your neighbor? A world where your boss was supportive of everything you do? And everyone was supportive of all the children at your local school? And everyone was supportive of the farmers out in the countryside who are growing organic food in your area?

Everyone Helps One Another

Imagine a world where everyone was being supportive when something horrific takes place like a hurricane or earthquake, or something else. People would right away show up to help and make a difference in the lives of those in need. They would give their own money and time to help. They would be loving and kind and have compassion for everyone no matter who they are and what they do. They would have compassion for all faiths, all genders, all walks of life, and even have compassion for those who are the hardest to love.

All of This Begins With You and Me

Well, we can have that supportive world and it all begins with You and Me. All we have to do is take time every day to love the one we see in the mirror and then love our neighbor down the street. It’s as simple as that. Nothing more; nothing less.

The world-renowned psychic healer Edgar Cayce said, “It’s very simple, it all boils down to ‘Love thy neighbor as thy self’.” But how many people actually love everyone that way? Some for sure, but if we create a majority of the people who love themselves and everyone else in the same way, everything in the world would change in a powerful way.

Let’s all love, and then love some more. We can do this!


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