What I Wish I Knew When I Was In My 20’s…

What I Wish I Knew When I Was In My 20’s

I am now 83, fortunately with excellent health, able to do whatever I please. When I was 80, I published my first book, a memoir entitled Soul Selfish: The Awakening of a ‘Good Girl” in which I recounted the growth of my inner awareness and the life lessons I have learned. When I was finished, I decided to write a letter to myself to explore what I wish I knew when I was in my 20’s.” I hope it will encourage you to look within and to live more consciously — emotionally and spiritually.

My letter:

Dear Jane,

First of all, never look back with remorse. Every step has brought you to where you are today. The only point of power is NOW! If you choose to look back, do it to release your pain, to free yourself, and for others whom you might inspire.

When I was in my 20’s

I wish I knew that I had a soul connected to a benevolent Universe that supports me and guides me, and to listen for it deeply and daily.

I wish I knew that my spirituality and love for myself would fill me, and that I don’t need to look to others to validate my worth.

I wish I remembered that love is the most important thing in life.

I wish I knew that when my desires source in my soul, they are important for me to respect, as important as others’ desires. They are intended to be good for all, for the soul does not separate people — unlike ego desires which commonly source in competition, acquisitiveness, aggression or revenge.

I wish I knew that I play the leading role in my life and that as I loved myself, acknowledged myself and appreciated myself more, I would attract people who respond and return that love, people who would encourage me to dream and to fulfill my dreams.

I wish I knew about unconditional love — that I might aim to see the goodness in others and have compassion regardless of their behavior.

I wish I knew that I was safe and that I know how to keep myself safe.

I wish I knew that it is OK to put my needs, desires and feelings first some of the time, to stand more for myself.

I wish I knew more that I was beautiful, inside and out.

I wish I knew that life is an inside out process and that everything I create and feel starts with what I believe.

I wish I knew that my emotions are a real and powerful guidance system that tells me from minute to minute what I like and don’t, who is being kind and supportive to me and who isn’t, what I enjoy, in which environments I flourish, what abilities and talents are natural to me — who and what to move towards and away from.

I wish I knew that I am fully able to take care of myself, and that my relationships are there to give and receive love, support, beauty, expansion and pleasure, enriching the lives we share.

I wish I knew the power of my sensuality and sexuality — that they ignite my life force.

I wish I knew to give more respect to my wisdom and talents.

I wish I knew how to comfortably ask for help and support.

I wish I knew more about the value of pleasure and fun. I wish I knew to play more, dance more, sing more, laugh more, trust myself more, make love more and rest more.

I wish I knew that my love of beauty and the wonder of nature connect me to my soul.

I wish I knew that forgiveness is freedom.

I wish I knew how important gratitude is.

I wish I knew more about the lives of great creators, their passions and the qualities that supported them to make awesome contributions.

I wish I knew how precious each day is.

Dear Jane, relax and allow these thoughts to grow in you each day.

Dear reader, I hope these thoughts will enrich your days.


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