The 10 Most Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Life Partner…

The 10 Most Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Life Partner

Selecting a partner for life is one of the most critical decisions to make. This is why you shouldn’t rush into a relationship. Try to ascertain your choice correctly, for your future happiness depends on this. Here are some significant factors to consider while choosing a lifelong partner.

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1) Choose somebody who is honest, trustworthy and sincere

Trust, integrity, and sincerity are key to a successful and happy relationship. So spend time with the person you are aiming to decide for, and look for these characteristics, as they form the foundation for your relationship together. From the very beginning, make sure there is always open and genuine communication between you both and try to ensure that the two of you are not concealing anything from each other.

2) Select a partner who you think will remain committed, no matter what kind of difficulties you may have to face in life together

Silently observe how the person behaves in various situations and see how committed they are, not only during good periods but even when things get tough and demanding, and are not happening as per desire. Take your time to make a sound decision, because this is life-changing.

3) Does your future partner have bad habits like gambling, drug or alcohol issues?

Any kind of bad habits could have an adverse impact on the relationship. So, be clear from the start and ensure whether or not your partner-to-be is already a victim to any bad habits. Never plunge into a relationship with the thought, or rather over-confidence, that after marriage, you will successfully convince your partner to leave the habits, and with your love change the person altogether. This does not happen generally.

4) Will you be able to get on with one another’s family members?

Marriage is not about just two individuals, but it’s about two families coming together to make a happy married life possible. Everyone loves their respective families; therefore, it is very important to consider whether both of you have the wish to maintain mutual respect and warm feelings for each other’s relatives, and are willing to make the necessary adjustments that it takes in order to get along with each other’s family members.

5) Know that you cannot change someone

Never try to change anyone. Do not hold up your hope or efforts to do so. Rather try to accept the person the way they are…this will keep both of you happy! Check out whether you are able to accept the person you are trying to choose, as is.

6) Be certain about life goals

It may happen that the goals of the two of you are not the same. And if that happens, it is not going to be easy as it could pose a lot of problems in your day-to-day life. This also asks for a lot more adjustments and understanding from both of you. However, when the hearts are one, it is possible to surpass any challenge and come out victorious. So see if you both can pursue your individual goals with oneness in heart.

7) Do you have the same basic attitudes and beliefs about religion?

Religion is a very important belief for everyone. Before settling into a relationship, find out whether both of you are willing to accept each other’s faith without any reservations or any malign intention in your mind of converting the other?

8) Friendship is a must in this relationship

The spiritual teacher, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “The friendship between a husband and wife is the highest friendship of all.”

Friends never intend to hurt each other. And since husband and wife are the best friends, a lot of peace should prevail between the two of you, always. So do you see a good friend in the prospective partner of yours? Are you able to connect with him/her very easily? After marriage, will you be able to run your home like two friends would? Consider these questions while choosing your life partner.

9) Ability to forgive

Everyone makes mistakes, but the strength remains in the ability to be able to forgive. There will be times when you may happen to argue with your partner and may end up having differences of opinion too. However, are both of you forgiving in nature, willing to forget the past and wanting to move on? This is what holds the most value.

10) Ask your parents for advice

No one in this world will know you better than your parents, therefore always consider their advice important and try seeking it at crucial junctures. Keep parents informed throughout your selection process. Are you using all your energy in trying to make your prospective partner happy? Instead, just make sure you never hurt him/her in life!

Once you have decided to settle down with someone, that’s your partner for life, the partner for a lifetime! A successful relationship stems from commitment, loyalty, and sincerity. Always steer clear from holding your opinions tight, keep your expectations very low and light, and never get into the rat race of finding faults of each other to prove you’re right. If you are able to do this with the partner of your choice, know that your relationship is on a happy roller coaster ride. Wishing you good luck!


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