5 Ways To Keep Your Dream Alive…

5 Ways To Keep Your Dream Alive

In a UCLA Research lab, while being asked questions about my career, signs of depression, and previous arrest records – I was told that I had ambition. It was subtle, the way the researcher said it, “I can tell you’re ambitious.” How this statement triggered something inside me to rise up, however, is profound. It’s also something we all need to remember; the day you stop dreaming is the day you collapse.

It’s not to say that you cannot rise back up, as I did. But it’s important to avoid the pitfalls of inertia.

Here are 5 ways to keep your dream alive:

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1. Write down your dream as soon as you wake up and right before you go to bed

The act of writing has incredible value in helping us remember. Both in the morning and at night, your serotonin levels are primed for balance, giving you a crystal clear picture of your dream. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that your body produces naturally and it contributes to your happiness and wellbeing. By using this simple action, it will take less than 5 minutes from your day and can equate to the difference between your dream flourishing or floundering.

2. Keep the gratitude reminders flowing steadily

When you’re feeling low, it’s easy to ruminate and think about what’s not going right in your life. Go back to your gratitude. Take a deep breath in and thank the divine for the fresh air that fills your lungs and keeps you alive. Steady the flow of gratitude. Keep in mind the mantra, “forward never backward,” when you say your prayers of thanks. A dream only exists because of the gratitude you give it.

3. Calm your mind and visualize

This is the most repeated wisdom, and yet, the hardest to keep consistent with. How do you calm your mind when there are a million other things running through it? Hot yoga has been one of my answers, but it’s different for everyone.

For your dream to stay alive, you must learn how to cope with the stress and still have a calm mind. This requires energy and can be practiced through meditation, journaling, or just letting go with a shout (not at someone, but in a safe space). Once you have a calm mind, or per se, you have no trouble with a calm mind, begin to visualize yourself in your dream. Spend 3-4 minutes a day at the same time each day witnessing your dream come true.

Eventually, you might enjoy spending a half hour dedicated to envisioning your dream as if it were real and it will be sure to be real one day.

4. Say your dream aloud

This is not to say that you should go and tell all your friends about your dream. What that might cause is laughter or animosity or passive gestures, which you don’t want. Saying your dream aloud is a recognition that your spoken words are heard by the vibration of the universe. It’s the same as the AUM in meditation. Do this whenever you get a chance as if it were a pep-talk to yourself and a realization that your dream will come true. Your dream wants to be manifested, that’s why it came to you.

5. Give unconditional love to your dream

Do not expect your dream to come true in a happy hour, or a day, or several years. Have absolute faith in your dream and give it no timeline. Make sure that you have dedicated yourself 100% to your dream and expect nothing in return but the glory of you working towards it. Your dream chose you for a reason.

Act patient, and act with confidence and poise. Go after your dream by giving it all the love you’ve got inside you. Your dream, if it is worthy of your love, will respond generously with the same love right back to you.


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