5 Ways To Deal With Grief…

5 Ways To Deal With Grief

Sad man with head in hands grieves.

We have all experienced grief in one way or another, and most will experience it multiple times throughout life. Grief is a matter that looks differently on everyone yet we sometimes forget that it is processed in many ways. My father passed away from cancer four years ago leaving me fatherless at the age of 34. Even though my family and I knew the inevitable would happen, I was still not prepared for how I would feel the moment he left physical form.

There isn’t a simple formula on how to deal with grief, but here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

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Let yourself grieve

It is my opinion that if you do not allow yourself to fully grieve a situation you will carry that load into the following days, and ultimately years of your life. Lay on the couch and cry if you need to, look at old photos, exercise, or take a walk. Whatever that is for you, give yourself permission to help release those feelings. Find a safe and healthy way to let those emotions out.

Talk about it

I found myself in many situations where I wanted to talk about my dad but couldn’t in fear of my emotions. However, in those moments where I let myself be vulnerable and was able to communicate my feelings are the moments that I was able to release it from my mind and body. In those times, I felt better; I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt heard and supported. I felt like I was honoring my father and he was absolutely worthy of every single tear I have shed for him.

Embrace those who care

Just having a friend or family member be there for you is sometimes all the support you need. Sitting in the stillness of silence with a friend speaks volumes to who that person is. Let them sit next to you even if you have nothing to say. Their love and presence is sometimes all you need.

Let yourself have moments alone

It’s healthy to take time out for yourself to think and reflect. I remember sitting on my couch alone thinking about my father and having a moment where I realized that my relationship with him didn’t have to end. As crazy as it sounds to some, I still have a relationship with my father even though he is no longer physically here. That relationship is different now but it exists. I feel like he is still a part of my life, and that in itself for me makes life without him here physically and emotionally more bearable.

Put your head down and keep pushing forward

Regardless of what’s caused your grief, life still goes on. Whether it be a divorce or the loss of a pet or a job or a loved one we still have to participate in this life. The beauty in it is that we get to choose how we want to live it regardless of our circumstances.

May you find some kind of peace in reading this especially if you are going through a tough time. Take that step and reach out to someone, you just never know how it will change your day.

*In loving Memory of Dad


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