3 Warning Signs You Need A Break…

3 Warning Signs You Need A Break

Between having a full-time job, childcare commitments and daily errands, many of us find it extremely hard to fit in time which is just for us. Everything can become a bit too much, but when it becomes too much, we tend to just brush it under the carpet. At night, you might find your head spinning with stuff that needs doing or creating an endless to-do list in your mind and you go to sleep feeling stressed, anxious and restless.

Burnout is a very real thing and something which affects a large percentage of us, but so many people don’t recognize when it is happening. Failure to do so can and will affect your general health and you will likely find yourself in a never-ending circle of illness and stress. Knowing when to take a break is vital for your physical and mental well-being, so here are 3 warning signs that you need a break.

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You’re taking work home with you

In a world where we are encouraged to live and breathe our careers, so many people find themselves in a bitter battle when it comes to switching off at the end of the day or at the weekend. If you find yourself answering work emails in bed, either in the morning or at night, then you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. People who do take work home with them often find themselves rushing to answer work calls, but ignoring friends and family members who reach out, which means you can isolate yourself.

If you are always thinking about work or adding stuff to your to-do list, then you need to give yourself a break. Even if you don’t notice it, work stress will be playing havoc with your body, whether it messes with your sleeping schedule, affects your skin or even causes anxiety.

You’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed

Some people don’t realize when they need a break, but other people are quite the opposite. Are you finding yourself feeling angrier and more irritated by small day to day tasks? Or do you get upset and sad over the smallest things which go wrong? If you find yourself feeling this way, then you may be emotionally overwhelmed and in need of a break.

Whether it’s taking a 30-minute walk on your lunch break for fresh air or taking a Friday afternoon off for an extended weekend, do whatever you can to feel yourself again. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed during the workday, take 5 minutes to step outside and take deep breaths and collect yourself.

You’re avoiding things you like

Once upon a time, you might have found yourself getting up at 5 am for yoga or meditation, heading to the cinema after work or even just spending time with friends and family. If you are in need of a break, you might find yourself wanting to ignore all of that and just stay at home, in the comfort of your own space.

If this sounds like you, then this is a sign that you are heading for a burnout. What was once a hobby or a job you enjoyed now feels like an obligation, or if you are feeling chained to things which you just can’t escape, then these are also signs that you are just in need of a break from it all.

What to do next

If you identify with these things, then you may be wondering what the next step is. No one wants to suffer in this way and, whether you recognize it or not, you will benefit from a break. First things first, get offline. Spend your weekends off the internet, emails and on phone calls and instead spend time in the present. Whilst this is difficult to do, you need to let your mind rest.

You could also book your next holiday or adventure to give yourself something to look forward to. Whether you choose somewhere you have always wanted to go or just something new, anything which is outside of your day-to-day life will free you from this routine.


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