Top 10 Exercises To Boost Your Brain Power…

Top 10 Exercises To Boost Your Brain Power

We all know that exercise is good for your body, but how about exercising because it’s good for your mind? Well, these aren’t exercises in the traditional sense in that you don’t have to go to your local gym in order to work out. These are exercises for your mind. We go to the gym in order to build up our body, but we frequently forget to exercise our mind to make it stronger and more powerful.

Just like other muscles, the brain needs to be stimulated often in order to become better. Below are 10 of the best activities you can start doing right now in order to improve the health of your brain, and your mental aptitude.

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1) Art projects

You might think that developing your brain depends on math and science, but our brain is creative as much as it is mathematics. Art in any form is a great way to improve areas of your mind to related to creativity and problem-solving. Always looking at a situation from the same angle isn’t going to get anything solved whilst art stimulates your mind to try new things that are a little out of the box. Art can be anything from writing to drawing to sculpting. Find the art form that suits you best.

2) A few breathing exercises go a long way

If you want to tame the monkey inside your head, then you need to learn to get in touch with your breath. You might be thinking that you already know how to breathe, but you might not know how to breathe in order to control your mind. When it comes to relaxation, learning how to be present with your breath can help you to calm down and figure out solutions to problems you didn’t even know where possible.

3) Yoga cleanses the soul and mind

Yoga combines the relaxing properties of breathing with the stimulating qualities of movement in order to improve the adaptable areas of your mind as well as your balance and coordination. Yoga is a fantastic way to improve both your mental and physical health simultaneously.

4) Start meditating

Mediation is an all-encompassing term that includes activities like yoga and breathing that has long been proven to benefit the mind and the body. It’s so effective that it can even increase your longevity!

5) Get physical exercises

Most people think that the gym is strictly for improving the body, but regular physical activity is absolutely vital for your mental health and cognition. You might already know this from ending up in a mental slump after sitting down for too long. Therefore, getting regular activity every day is extremely important for both your mind and body.

6) Expand your vocabulary

Ever found yourself needing to describe something or tell someone about an event but not quite knowing the right words to use? By expanding your vocabulary, this will never happen again. You can do this by learning more English or even branching out to another language. Our words share many similarities with others, and those who can speak multiple languages have been shown to be far smarter in the short and long-term.

7) Use a brain training video game

In the age of technology, there are plenty of games and apps you can use to train your brain. All it takes is a quick search on your app store or google to find a game suited to your learning style and ability.

8) Learn new skills

Everyone has those skills we’ve always wanted to learn but never had the gusto to move forward with them. However, there’s no better time than the present! Instead of telling yourself you’re going to start on Monday, start right now.

9) Do math in your head

It might be tricky, but the more you practice, the better you get. Instead of reaching for a pen and some paper or a calculator, the next time you’re faced with a tricky math puzzle, try to do it in your head. If you get it wrong, then that’s OK, but keep trying and you’ll become better.

10) Test your recall

Memory is a skill that we all lack from time to time, but you can easily improve it by testing your recall every now and again. Always push yourself to take your brain that little step further opposed to taking the easy route.


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