Tools For The Empath: 4 Themes To Keep Your Energy Unf*ckwithable…

Tools For The Empath: 4 Themes To Keep Your Energy Unf*ckwithable

I’ve always been told I have a lot of feelings; and admittedly so. If you found yourself drawn to this article, odds are you’ve felt the same. You likely know what it means to be around someone and instantly internalize their feelings and take them on as your own. This, while helpful in terms of understanding what others are going through, can be really draining and exhausting.

To embrace and protect our own energy and keep us from switching lanes when we don’t need to, I’ve found that these four themes help me key into where I am and keep both feet grounded in the present. When the winds of everyone else’s emotions blow, these themes will help you stay strong and grounded so you can jive even more harmoniously with your unf*ckwithable self.

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Give Life to Your Feelings

First things first: Get those feelings and emotions down on something – paper, your Notes section of your phone, a napkin, a Word doc. We give new meaning to our emotions once we give life to them outside of our own minds and, for us to protect ourselves, let’s shake the hands of our feelings and say hi. Once you do, breathe. It’s okay if this process doesn’t happen smoothly or quickly. It’s also okay if it’s easier to invite your feelings in than it is to let them go. When you find yourself down a rabbit hole after you’ve already bid adieu to the situation at hand remind yourself, “The present moment is my only point of power.” Just like your writing (or other creative forms that you prefer), you too are supported.

Move Mindfully

Stay present by moving in a way you choose. Whatever it is – a walk in the woods, a yoga class, a jog down the street, a few light stretches in your bed – open your skin and bones up in a way that not only feels comfortable, but also allows you to check in with where you are mentally and emotionally. Once you do, take a moment or two to notice from head to heels where you’re feeling constricted or expanded. Keeping your judgments at bay, noting the pressure in any of these three zones (head to throat [1], shoulders to chest/midback [2], low back to low belly [3]) can help you identify anger [1], sadness [2], or fear [3] so that you can then find out how to support yourself and arrive at ease.

Pay Attention to the Signs

Especially in times where your energy is feeling compromised, keep in mind your previous instincts, but also note any visions you’ve had or anything that you’ve experienced that felt über coincidental. Nothing is coincidence and everything, including our triggers and moments where other’s energy is influencing our own, arrives on the scene to teach us something. Ask yourself, “What is this circumstance/person/thing trying to teach me?”

Build Yourself Up + Acknowledge Your Intuition

And, just like everything else in this human experience, it all circles back to love. We are who we come home to, day in and day out, so why spend any energy denying yourself the love you need (and deserve!)? Notice how you talk to yourself, especially after interactions with certain people in your life. Replace “I shouldn’t have…”, “why did I…”, and “that was stupid…” with something like “I love and accept myself in each moment and love is the only thing that’s real.”

Connecting with theme #3, trust the signs you see and “hunches” you have and act on them. Know that the universe is super clever about planting seeds in our lives that lead us to inspired action. Our only job is to have faith and acknowledge the work being done on our behalf.

For Extra Reflection

Try these words or tunes on for size and follow the prompts that correspond with each. The goal of these exercises is to practice flexing the muscle that allows us to harness and protect our energy so the words above can seep in a bit further.

Words: Awake, O sleeper! Allow love to raise you from the dead and light will shine upon you.

Read these words aloud, if possible, and sit with them for a few breaths. Write down what comes up for you – emotions, memories, images, visions – if anything.

Music: MEDICtATE – a playlist for empaths

Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can sit undisturbed. Pick a song or two from this playlist. Let the music flow through your ears and ooze into the rest of you. Notice if anything comes up for you – emotions, memories, images, visions – and write it all down.

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