6 Tips On Caring Of Your SELF…

6 Tips On Caring Of Your SELF

Being alone can sometimes be the highest form of self love.

Everyone has different ways of energizing themselves. For the longest time, I thought I gained my energy from being around people. But as I have gotten older and become more aware of my spiritual, mental and emotional needs, I have realized that I am most fulfilled and feel the most recharged when I am alone with God and surrounded by nature.

If there is one thing that’s easy for us to overlook, it’s self-care. No, it’s not selfish. You go through your days working, paying bills, eating, driving, interacting, but not making the time that’s necessary to take a moment and simply be. To take a deep breath and recenter yourself. To let your brain unwind and allow your heart to rest. Here are some tips on how to do just that. These are all ways that I have personally found to be effective and I hope they can help you out too.

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1. Date yourself.

This looks different for every individual, but actually, it’s pretty simple. Do things that you enjoy…on your own. Go for a drive, blast some feel-good tunes, stop by your favorite coffee shop, buy that cute shirt you’ve had your eye on for a while, go to a concert, have a picnic at the park. Care for yourself the way you would care for another individual. But know that the effort and energy you are putting into caring for yourself will never be taken for granted because you are investing in one of the only lives you will know all your life.

2. Be alone with yourself.

This means to simply take time to spend in your own head and genuinely care for your spirit. Think deep thoughts, ponder your views on different topics, allow yourself to process whatever feelings you have felt throughout your day, affirm your identity, speak gently to your soul, and express joy to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Forgive yourself for whatever happened last week that your brain can’t stop thinking about. Remind yourself that you’re only human and that you are allowed to make mistakes. Take pride in the little things – like not flipping off the driver who cut you off on the freeway, or not snapping at the person who interrupted you, or not taking it personally when that coworker made a sarcastic comment about your clothes. Go you. It’s hard to live in this world sometimes.

3. Eat healthy stuff.

I don’t think people honestly know how deeply food and drinks affect our bodies. Just like any other living thing on this planet, you can’t feed and water it sugar and alcohol and expect it to flourish. The same goes for ourselves. Drink lots of water. Eat all the fruit and veggies. Experiment on yummy meals that have low carbs and sugars. It really can be a fun adventure to explore the world of healthy foods. Take time to care for your internal organs as much as you care for your inward spirit.

4. Take time to rest.

There’s a difference between sleeping and resting. When you sleep, you close your eyes and go into dreamland. Resting is when you realign your body into a state of peace and stillness. And sometimes your body needs time to rest before sleeping. I’m a stickler for this. Ask any of my family or close friends and they will tell you that I am a very strict bedtime person. It takes a lot for me to stay up past 11pm. I like to be in bed by 9pm and then read or write until I feel relaxed enough to turn my lights off and fall asleep. Rest is important – not only for your body but for your brain. God created the nighttime for us to sleep and rejuvenate ourselves for the bright and beautiful days ahead.

5. Surround yourself with good things.

What colors do you love? What things do you like to see regularly? What smells make you feel happy? What clothes are the most comfortable for you to wear? The environment you surround yourself with is everything. It will determine so much of your mood and energy.

6. Do what you love.

What sparks your creativity? What makes you feel good when you do it? What project gives you that sense of accomplishment when you finish? Make time to do this. And I know you know the activities you can cut out of your schedule and do this instead. Self-care is not selfish. It is essential for your state of wellbeing. And not only for yourself but for the people around you. Who wants to be around an unhappy, grumpy person?

Life isn’t meant to be survived. Care for your own body and heart and live a flourished life of happiness and love.

It’s never too late to begin.


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