Finding Inner Peace: Tips For Adding Serenity To Your Backyard Oasis…

Finding Inner Peace: Tips For Adding Serenity To Your Backyard Oasis

Creating an oasis in your backyard can give you a refuge of serenity and peace.

Do you need a place to get away from it all? We could all use a vacation after a long, hard work day. Spending a little time in a relaxing and natural environment can do wonders to soothe the mind and prepare you for what the next day entails.

However, going on vacation every day isn’t a realistic option. What if you could bring the vacation to your own backyard? There’s nothing stopping you from turning your garden into a comfortable and relaxing oasis that you can enjoy on a daily basis. To do this, you will need some accessories and a bit of creativity.

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Come up with a plan

To create an oasis in your backyard, you need to plan.

When you’re trying to create the perfect oasis for you and your family, you need to have a vision. Before you move a single piece of soil, you should envision what your ideal garden would look like. Are you looking to create a private oasis for your close ones that will serve as an escape from the stresses of life? Or perhaps you want to entertain guests often and you need the yard to be as attractive as possible.

Whatever your vision might be, you need to come up with a plan to make it a reality. Start with the basics of the yard. What kind of plants do you want front and center? Something colorful that will catch everyone’s attention, like flowers that will bloom throughout your garden? Or perhaps you’re aiming for a sleek and contemporary style with your landscaping, while everything else stays in the background. Combining different elements won’t be possible unless you have a solid plan. You can wing it, but you need to at least have a rough idea for what you’re aiming for in your head.

Stylish and comfortable

There’s no word that can describe an oasis quite like comfort. Everyone likes to be comfortable in their own backyard. Lounging around and smelling the fresh air in the morning is up there with some of the most relaxing moments you can have. To give yourself this kind of luxury, you need something comfortable to lounge on.

For modern gardens, you have a bunch of options available. Garden and back yard furniture is pretty diverse in both look and function. You can get something that caters to your needs as long as you take the time to look for it.

To achieve your goal of creating a modern oasis in your own backyard, you need something that looks good and feels good. Some club chairs and an ottoman could bring the whole area together and give you and your guests a great place to relax. Just make sure that the colors match the rest of your desired look and you should be set to go.

Accentuate with lighting

You would be surprised at what a little bit of inexpensive lighting can do to your backyard. This kind of beauty needs to be visible at all times of the day, even after the sun goes down. You want to be able to appreciate the gorgeous oasis you’ve designed for yourself after hours, don’t you?

A bit of light here and there would be a tremendous help for visibility at night. What kind of lighting you choose is up to you. You have a lot of options to choose from, so pick carefully. Try to make it match the overall aesthetic that you’ve made with the garden. If you’ve designed something with a rustic look and old-timey furniture, lanterns or candles might be your best bets.

On the other hand, if you’ve gone for a more contemporary vibe, some regular lights would probably suit it best. Efficiency is another important factor to consider. Incandescent lightbulbs are alright, but they use a lot of energy. LED lights, on the other hand, are more efficient and they last longer. You won’t have to replace them any time soon, even if you use them regularly.

Living walls

If you want to make your oasis a bit more private, there are a couple of ways to block prying eyes from looking inside. If your garden faces a street or another home, you could always build some tall walls to block the view. Not only do you get some more privacy, but you also get an additional layer of defense to protect your property.

However, building tall walls isn’t very efficient. The materials are pretty costly re pretty costly and having someone install a huge wall will cost you more than just a pretty penny. Instead, you could take the natural route and have some hedges and bushes obstruct outside views. This way, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck.

Actually installing a hedge will cost you a lot less and it could bring you a lot more. You can install a medium-sized version and wait for it to grow out and cover a large height. Let’s not forget, hedges are much better at stopping animals and potential intruders. Unlike walls, they aren’t exactly easy or comfortable to climb. You also get a very nice boost in visual appeal for having well-maintained hedges.

A splash of water

Water can offer a feeling of serenity in your backyard.

When you imagine the perfect garden in your mind, what do you see? Probably a lot of interesting plants, decorations, and a majestic fountain. Why the fountain, though? Water features go hand in hand with gorgeous flora to create something that is both natural and beautiful to look at. Everyone likes to hear water splashing while they’re relaxing in their garden. It’s a soothing noise that eases the nerves and allows you to better focus on your thoughts.

What kind of water feature would you like for your garden? There are two prominent options. Either you get yourself a water fountain or a pond. Ponds are much easier to set up. All you need is a hole in the ground and some gorgeous rocks to go along with it. If you decide to add some water flow to the mix, you can always install a small pump and have it run across the rocks themselves.

While ponds are a great option on their own, fountains are the real attraction. A well-placed and attractive fountain can easily become the centerpiece of your whole garden. It’s not as difficult to install as you might have imagined. All you need is a pump and a fountain construction to put it through. The soothing flow of water would definitely add to the calm and serene nature of your little oasis.

Just make sure that your fountain matches the style of your garden. A mismatched water feature would ruin the look of the style you picked.

Walk with grace

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a walk through your garden and appreciating all the work that you’ve done to make it beautiful. To fully enjoy that walk, you will need a walkway that complements the rest of your yard.

You can make your walkway with a ton of different materials. You can pick out big rocks or small pebbles to line the edges of the walkway and give your path a natural look. Perhaps you want to match it with the green of your surrounding lawn and plants? However, it’s pretty difficult to maintain a patch of grass while also walking on top of it constantly.

Luckily, there are ways to keep the green color on your pathway. Lots of backyard runner mats for gardens can perfectly blend in with the surrounding grass. It might not look identical, but it’s going to give the pathway a natural green look while sparing your grass patches the trouble of being stomped on. Even if there’s a slightly different look, this will give you better visibility of the path itself, so that you don’t stray from it.

Colors galore

Using color in your backyard can bring a sense of peace and serenity.

Everyone likes a nice display of colors in their backyard. The garden is all about displaying the beauty of nature, and what better way to do it than to introduce a lot of colorful flowers to it? A couple of dahlia, fuchsia, and sunflowers could do the trick. Lavender is another wonderful option for those who enjoy some quaint violet colors.

Don’t let the flowers do all the talking, though. Make sure that your outside furniture is adequately colored and matches the theme. The accessories should be just as attractive and they should add to the look of your garden. When you decide to pick out the lighting, make sure that you choose a bulb color that will make the rest of the colors pop.


Having a perfect summer oasis in your own backyard sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Luckily, it’s not that difficult to achieve for most people with a garden. You don’t have to break the bank in order to create a relaxing refuge from the stresses of the workday. You just need to flex your creativity and show some love to your garden and its various plants. Try out some of these tips and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the results.


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