4 Life Hacks That Helped Me Love Myself More…

4 Life Hacks That Helped Me Love Myself More

Remember, you deserve and need your love and affection the most before anyone else in the world. In fact, some people tend to believe that self-love is selfish but it isn’t so. I am here to compel you to love yourself even more because you are the most important person in your life. And loving yourself is important as when you love yourself, you understand the importance of everything in your life and leave behind everything that’s unworthy.

The things that I am talking about here are the people, jobs, your own beliefs, habits, and everything related to you. What I am saying is through personal experience. So, in this blog, I am going to point out all the things that have helped me love myself more.

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Things That Have Helped Me Love Myself

When I first began to walk on the path of self-love, it was really tough. However, once I understood that self-love is actually self-acceptance, everything was easy. The biggest problem with loving yourself is that with so many roles like father, husband, son, and friend to play in life one does not get time for one’s self. The true ‘self’ comes in the end, as we either don’t know who we are or what we like. Worse, we don’t even take the time to understand this. To enable you to be more considerate towards yourself, here are the things that helped me love myself more than ever before.

1) Being With My Family and Friends

The people around you are one of the primary factors responsible for your happiness. However, not everyone around you wishes well for you. I was lucky enough to find the support and love of some of my family members and friends when I needed them the most. It was then I understood that family and friends have the most significant influence in my life. And after I connected with them well enough, I started valuing myself more and was elated, happy, and more satisfied than I ever was. The best part about my close relationships is that they support me through the thick and thin of my life now and keep me accountable whenever it comes to self-love.

2) Spending Quality Time With Nature

There were times when no one was around and I didn’t feel good about myself. I needed somebody but not everyone can be there at every moment.

For these times, nature played the crucial role of the perfect healer. It not only kept me focused, centered, and aware of what’s inside me, but also made me think beyond my everyday worries and feel happy about what I have got instead of what I don’t have. It’s like when I am with nature, I no longer run behind things to fix them. Instead, nature helps me to attain more personal space and love myself even more.

3) Reading My Favorite Books

Not only reading, but other activities that I love to do like dancing and singing helped me understand my attitude towards things and improve positively.

I have emphasized on reading here as before all this started I disliked it. However, one of my close friends recommended a book by Stephen Hawkings called A Brief History of Time. At first, I was anxious about it but as soon as I started reading and went through a few pages, it awakened me to questions, experiences, and emotions that I had not dared to ask for so long.

Hence, doing something that you love is one of the best ways to fall in love with yourself.

4) Meditation and CBD

The most important factors that helped me love myself more were meditation and CBD. And by meditation, I don’t mean sitting cross-legged and just trying to focus hard on the central point of my mind. In fact, I am talking about the meditation technique that involves mindfulness. In simple words, I just sat, relaxed, and stayed in the moment rather than judging, changing or assessing whatever happens around me.

The other thing I did was to add CBD to my meditation routine. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound derived from hemp. Earlier I was hesitant about using CBD as I thought it would give me a ‘high’ or would be addictive, but that’s not true. Instead, CBD helped me to concentrate on my thoughts when I was feeling chaotic and scattered. Hence, meditation and CBD together formed the perfect combination to love myself even more.

Ready to Love Yourself Even More?

Now that you know the things that helped me love myself more, you can also adapt these in your life. From personal experience, I can tell you that loving yourself not only makes your life simpler and lighter but also enables you to be more stable and stop sabotaging yourself. Loving oneself is also the best way to increase your self-esteem and makes you feel deserving and happier than ever.

If you have any other things that you would like to mention to make yourself and others love themselves more, feel free to write those in the comments below!


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