The Unconscious: It’s Way Bigger Than You Think…

The Unconscious: It’s Way Bigger Than You Think

Think of your mind as if it were an iceberg. The tip above the water represents the consciousness part of your mind. It’s everything that we are aware of in our waking reality. The tip represents about 10% of the total mass of the iceberg. It holds the thoughts, beliefs and concepts that we are aware of on any given day.

Below the murky water lies the rest of the iceberg and represents the unconscious, or the part that we can’t see. Sigmund Freud believed that our painful experiences are repressed and pushed down into the unconscious. The unconscious is like a massive warehouse where we hold the unprocessed pain, struggles and concepts that we haven’t dealt with. They are the main reason we keep repeating painful patterns in our life.

When we don’t deal with our pain they go underground but they do not go away. Our unconscious if very much alive and influencing our decisions and beliefs. This is why unearthing painful patterns and working through them is so important.

Let’s say you keep attracting the same painful relationship over and over again. You know it’s not the type of relationship you want. Yet you keep finding yourself in the same awful fights and you just don’t know why. This is your unconscious mind influencing how you behave based on your repressed past experiences.

Psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors main aim is to help bring those experiences to back to your conscious awareness. You can then work on those memories, learn from them, and eventually let them go. These subconscious memories will run your life until you face them and learn from them.

This is where Perceptual Balancing technique comes in. Perceptual Balancing is a powerful process to neutralize those painful thoughts and concepts by showing you there is another side. It empowers you to see the lessons in those experiences and deeply learn from them. You are then set free from the patterns that your subconscious mind has automatically held you to.


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