The Power Of Dreaming…

The Power Of Dreaming

Allowing ourselves to accept the power of dreaming will radically change the way we perceive the world around us.

“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again, and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.” ~Anaïs Nin

Somebody asked me about my childhood dreams lately.

“Where to start?” I thought immediately.

I have had so many of them. And still. I do dream abundantly.

In The Netherlands, in the late ’70s, we had this youth series about a mother and a father with 4 kids. They did lots of fun stuff all the time: singing, theatre, going on ab fab holidays. They were these hippie parents with free-spirited kiddos. I always dreamed I was their 5th son, the prodigal one. It was a secret wish, of course, but I day-dreamed my ass off and also in my bed they were the topic of many fantasies. I dreamed that on some sunny day the front doorbell would ring, my mother would open the door and there would be these hippie parent actors who came to collect me. And that I would say “Hi” to my mom and dad and simply would go away to lead this fabulous Pippi Longstockings life (undoubtedly the boy variant) with my new family.

As a boy, I had this period of pushing away my masculine side to please my mother. So, in daily life, I tried to be as feminine as I could. In this period, as a boy, my dreams were very fearless, over the top manly. As if I had to make up in the night for what I had been pushing away during the daytime. My dreams were James Bond-movies. I fought, ran, flew, had this extraordinary leadership impact on everyone I met in my dreams. It made me feel bold and indestructible.

I also always dreamed (and wished for) a father that would take me along on adventures, that initiated me into manhood. By talking to me, hugging me, tapping my head and shoulders. Taking me on trips and hikes. While I craved this contact in real life, at least in my dreams, I was able to experience some of it.

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Unconscious decision-making versus conscious decision-making

While thinking about all these dreams, I came to the realization that they had partially saved my life. Without many of these fantasies, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with lots of struggles. These dreams were so vivid and potent that it became some sort of life savior for me, a lifeline where I could hold on to, whenever I had the feeling I could not cope with specific day to day situations. I also realized I had dreamed my way into significant life decisions many times.

The decision to apply for the Art Academy when I was 17 originated in one of my dreams. My wish to go to Israel for a year to organize theatre projects in a Palestinian refugee camp emerged out of a dream. If you dwell on a problem while you’re awake, your unconscious mind notices that it must be relevant to you and continues to work on it while you’re asleep. We also know that unconscious decision-making, especially when it involves many factors, is more effective because we can tap from more resources in our dream world. Unconsciously, we can deal with more information at once, where consciously we are limited.

With this information in the back of my head, I kept on dreaming, even when my teachers yelled at me, even when my father said I had to wake up, even when my classmates made fun of me. I HAD to dream. And I still do. It makes me into the man I am now. It makes me feel big and vibrant, alive. It helped and still helps me get through hard labor in life. It makes me feel grounded, creative, buzzing.

Therefore, I want to pay tribute to the power of dreaming.

Dreaming is not a half-baked escape from real life, it is not a ferocious flight from the things we don’t want to deal with.

Dreaming is exploring our lives without limitations

Dreaming allows us to explore the world's possibilities in a safe environment.

We all know the expression “The sky’s the limit.” And it IS actually true. But you can never reach the sky when you do not dare to dream. We have gotten ourselves so far away from magic, that we have lost access from all directions we can expand ourselves into.

That’s why we get so moved by movies and books. They touch the spark of magic we still have inside ourselves but are busy extinguishing during our adult life. Why do so many of us choose a path that is not really where we want to go? We make life choices, we accept those choices, and then we just live these lives thinking, “Is this all there is?”

The “funny” thing is, almost no-one ever answers that question. However, if you want to answer that question with a loud, earsplitting “NO!” then you have to enter the world of dreaming to reconnect yourself to al the magic within and outside yourself. It’s time to ignite this magic again. When you can dream big, this will definitely have an effect on the outside. As within so without, right? It’s a universal law. I believe in magic and dreams, not as a bypass – as in wearing rose-colored glasses – but first and foremost as a tool to call in abundance into our lives and to surrender to a life full of positivity. Great side effect: it will help to improve both your emotional and physical. A positive person is more prone to be happy, and happiness has a significant impact on your health.

Dreaming strengthens manifestation power

Dreaming is a way to help to manifest new things in your life. When you manifest, you amplify possibilities and put something you desire into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs. For example, if you have been thinking about getting a new partner and you focused on exactly what you wanted and when you wanted it, your thoughts and feelings would be strong surrounding this. You could then try to dream or meditate to visualize your goals, and this can help to manifest it into your reality.

A manifestation is where your thoughts and your energy can create your reality. If you are constantly being negative and feeling down, then you are going to attract and manifest negative energy. The first thing to do when manifesting is to take a look at your thoughts and feelings. Are you feeling negative? How can you turn your thoughts and feelings into something more positive? This is where dreaming comes in. It is an important key to clear your mind and have a positive mindset when you want to manifest. In your dreams, you can reach any heights, conquer any fears, and overcome any blocks. Again, the sky’s the limit.

Dreaming also helps to put a form of action on your behalf into the manifesting process. Visualizing your dreams about that potential partner will help you to feel more positive and motivated to turn these changes into reality. This will then push you to take more action and, ultimately, manifest your goals into your life.

Have a pleasant journey!

Pursuing a dream can be a gateway to living an extraordinary life.

Pursuing a dream is a way to experience total joy, fulfillment, and aliveness.

Pursuing a dream is a way to live life full out, with no regrets.

Pursuing a dream is a way to attract more of what you desire into your life.

Let’s all get acquainted with the beauty of dreaming! Let’s all dive in headfirst and swim in the powerful currents of creation! You will enrich yourself so much with these abilities to create and manifest! Don’t forget: dreaming will give you access to your inner creativity and help you develop new skills, it will promote emotional and physical health, help you to experience more joy and freedom in your life, and make it easier to engage in spiritual practices (like meditation).

So please, close your eyes.

Close your eyes and open your heart.

And have a pleasant journey!

The sky’s the limit.


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