The Millennial’s Guide To Mindfulness…

The Millennial’s Guide To Mindfulness

Can you define mindfulness? Dictionaries will tell you about the awareness of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment and reaching calmness through it. However, those who practice mindfulness will probably say that it goes beyond any dictionary definition and that the feeling it leaves them with can never be appropriately defined.

What is clear is that the way we live and the chaotic world around us can make our lives disordered and confusing, causing anxiety and stress. As a generation of people enslaved by work and their busy schedules, millennials are probably the ones who see the importance of mindful living more than anybody else.

Here are some thoughts on why and how millennials practice mindfulness and the way it improves our lives.

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Stress relief

Probably the most important reason for practicing mindfulness is the fact that millennials are put under huge amounts of stress every day. We have to wake up at a certain time, go through all the craziness of the morning traffic to get to our offices where we are sometimes bound to do things we don’t really enjoy or even approve of. In addition to that, for many of us the working day isn’t over when we leave out workplace.

Finishing this project or that assignment at home has become a habit. Having all this to deal with makes mindfulness a way to remember that we’re more than just occupants of another cubicle in a sea of cubicles. We are people with wishes, desires, aspirations and strong emotions. That’s why, when we catch a few minutes to be ourselves, we practice mindfulness through doing what we love. Sometimes it’s wrapping ourselves in a blanket and reading our favorite books, other times it’s taking a long bath with scented candles around the bathtub.

Also, taking a walk through a green park or snow-covered streets can clear your mind and awaken some pleasant emotions, especially if you do it with your emotional partner. It’s important that you’re both in comfortable clothes, such as trackpants for women and a lightweight compression shirt for men. It can allow you to unwind, think about what’s important to you, like the people you care for or simply your own health.

And finally, it’s important to take a moment or two during the workday to think positive thoughts and breathe deeply, just to focus on what really matters in life.

Valuing our senses

It’s through our senses that we perceive the world around us, so treating them with utmost mindfulness is essential. One thing that you should always do is clean your living space. Coming home after a long day at work only to find a mess can put your senses through torture. On the other hand, when you enter your clean and clutter-free home, you can fully enjoy the rest of your day or your weekend.

A tasty cup of hot coffee, ginger and lemon tea or bitter cocoa along with some gentle music can help you relax. Also, a lovely fragrance diffuser is a great way to stimulate your sense of smell, since pleasurable scents can help us feel better and evoke nice memories.

Finally, don’t forget the senses of touch and sight, which you can nurture mindfully by using a pencil and some paper and writing down some inspiring affirmations, meaningful plans or goals for the future. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, focus on your senses. Take notice of everything you can hear, see, smell, taste or feel, become aware of it all and find something positive to hold on to before you move on.

Nurturing our creativity

Although there are some really great companies with employers that are a great influence and that are actually concerned with how happy we are at work, more often than not our jobs don’t really allow us to show any individuality. There’s work to be done and being yourself only seems to be getting in the way of it. However, we are creative beyond what we have to be at work and we need an outlet for our creativity.

So, start writing blogs, a diary or even a novel and let every word you write be mindful. Express yourself through movement by taking dance classes or just dancing to your favorite music at home. Draw, paint, design your own clothes or simply doodle, but whatever you do, put your whole mind and all the emotions you feel at that moment into it. Let whatever you create be a reflection of your mental state. It’s okay to feel sadness and rage sometimes, and if they spark your creativity, embrace them and use them to create something meaningful to you.

Only through having a mindful approach to our own well-being, our most treasured relationships, and all our experiences can we have a fulfilled and happy life. When you become present in everything you do and you own every moment of your day, you’ll know you’re truly alive.


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