Why You Should Embrace The Joy Of Ordinary Moments…

Why You Should Embrace The Joy Of Ordinary Moments

“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you”-Lao Tzu

Ordinary moments can become extraordinary events. Whether it is an enriching encounter, breathtaking scenic view, or intriguing masterpiece, it evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity that moves us beyond the mundane experiences of life. It awakens our senses and opens our hearts to the joy of ordinary moments.

During my six-month stay in Penang, Malaysia, all senses were awakened being immersed in the beauty of this tropical land. The huge palm trees with colorful red stalks, scenic views of the mountains, fresh smell of the Indian Ocean, high pitch sound of the birds, the taste of exotic cuisines, and the melody of different languages was like music to my ears. Countless heartfelt interactions and festivities including various cultural dances, songs, music, and gatherings embedded in this colorful harmonious community truly awakened my soul.

It was here that I made a vow to myself to be fully present in each moment. My dress style changed from traditional business attire, to which I was accustomed, to colorful, flowing, and vibrant attire that gave me a sense of freedom and liberation that enabled me to fully integrate within this multi-ethnic and multi-religious culture with an appreciation for each opportunity. Being present enabled me to reach new heights and move beyond my obsession with the past and preoccupation with the future. Most importantly, I came to know myself in a different way and embraced my natural state of being -divine love.  Now, I do not miss an opportunity to immerse myself in the present moment turning inward and being attentive to divine messages, acknowledging spiritual totems, and being present in every encounter and interaction.

Being alert, open, accepting, simplistic, and loving helps us tune in and experience the magic of ordinary moments that enable us to live wholeheartedly, become awake, and experience the joy of life.

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Be alert

To be alert is to be awake, watchful, and vigilant in everyday life. The best moments are now. Look for them. Lose yourself in these very special ordinary moments that may never come again. A gentle smile, breathtaking sight, divine inspiration, enriching encounter or unexpected act of kindness become pleasant memories that bring joy to our soul. Realize that wherever you are is just where you need to be. This brings us contentment and appreciation for all that is necessary for our own evolution. As we overcome life’s hurdles, we become less fearful, resilient, and empowered with confidence and courage that makes us feel self-assured. The realization that we are always learning and growing and being alert to life experiences in ordinary moments makes us feel alive.

Be open

Relax and rest in the moment. Be open and see how events unfold in each graceful and wonderful moment. Look for it. It’s there. Do not let it pass you by.  It empties the mind of endless chatter that keeps us stuck in outworn stories and fear of the future. Break free of these self-imposed limitations to reach your potential. Tap into your creativity and connect to ordinary moments of divine inspiration to unlock innate gifts and talents. Look for possibilities and invest in yourself. Be open to new opportunities to enrich your life including classes, groups, and events aligned with your intentions and heart’s desires.

Be accepting

Accept life on life terms.  See things as they are and not how you wish they should be. Shoulds, oughts and musts keep us mired in guilt, shame, and loss. When your true essence becomes blurred with layers of fear, reinforced by your judgmental inner critic, you become immobilized.  It is time to stop and regain your inner connectedness to the divine through stillness and peace that guides you back to your true authentic self. Engage in self-introspection by asking yourself how you would like your life to be and what it will take to make the desired changes. Be gentle with yourself.  Embrace change as a natural process and move beyond resistance.  Loss and change are natural cycles of the ebb and flow of life.  These circumstances present a wellspring of opportunities for new growth by surrendering and letting go.

Be simple

Simplicity is the doorway to conscious living. It can reduce stress and enable us to put our lives in proper perspective to discern what warrants our attention and energy. Discerning what matters and what is most important, we slow down and conserve our energy and make room for those ordinary moments we enjoy. Reflect on how you can make your life less complicated. Do you really think about what you do and why? Is your schedule stuffed with too many activities? Simplicity heightens our spiritual awareness with ourselves and key life areas including Personal development, health and fitness, family, romance, finances, business and career, fun and recreation, and social. We become healthier, more responsible, and engage in life-sustaining practices to make our lives more natural, meaningful, and purposeful.

Be loving

Love is the largest and most meaningful experience of our lives. Ordinary virtues of love can be practiced by every person in every place. In my book, “Living in the Spirit of Love: Our Natural State of Being”, I adopted Henry Drummond’s Spectrum of Love as the “Wholistic Model of Love”. The Spectrum of Love has nine virtues including: Patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper, guilelessness, and sincerity. Like the colors of the rainbow, not one can be missing. According to Drummond, these virtues make up supreme good and the perfect man.  Our goodness and character radiate in our everyday life. This takes concentration, commitment and practice each moment of our lives. For example, acts of kindness and courtesy, being truthful, reframing from unkind thoughts, thinking less of ourselves, and keeping our thoughts pure, bring us to a place of joy. Do all things in love and experience gracious living and the magic of ordinary moments.


Each breath of life should be valued. Stay alert and be conscious in each present moment. Find and create joy in everyday life. Seek beauty in small things. Embrace change and be in step with the ebb and flow of life as a foundation for graceful living.  Live inwardly rich and outwardly simple. Be loving and lovable, and treat yourself well. Above all, be grateful and find joy in who you are created to be.


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