The Deep Healing Power Of Spring

Healing from childhood trauma and a narcissistic abusive adult relationship has allowed me to rediscover who I am. This is often what I tell my clients. The silver lining to the horrors they have endured is they are wide awake to the reality of toxic personalities and now have an opportunity to paint anything they’d like on the blank canvas of their life. Essentially they can reinvent, rebuild, and reclaim themselves after abuse.

Today, as I write this, we are one day away from the 2019 Spring Equinox. There is also a Super Full Moon at the same time. Such a natural dynamic duo we could all benefit from basking in. About a week ago, I suddenly felt compelled to start cleaning and purging all my belongings. I literally told myself I had to “touch” each and everything I owned and decide if it truly brought me joy, if I truly needed it, and if it did or didn’t spark a “negative” feeling. I would give away whatever no longer felt like mine or brought upon a traumatic memory, to someone who it would bring happiness and good use to. During this time, I had forgotten Spring was so close by.

Ever since I can remember I have always been sensitive to my surroundings. This is also known as hyper-vigilance caused by a chaotic upbringing. I have healed so much that now my sensitivities are mere discernment — however, my association with nature has always elicited profound feelings of safety, security, and belonging. Maybe it was due to the natural world being a refuge for me as a child. I truly consider myself “solar powered,” so this impulse makes so much sense as I believe I was unconsciously picking up on the energy of the changing season.

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On spring

Nature is an amazing teacher and healer if we allow it to be. There are so many beautiful lessons and symbolic takeaways that we can apply to our life and healing.

Here are three very simple and quick tips to allow the symbolic message of Spring help you in your own recovery, should you be open to it:

  1. As Spring approaches darkness begins to fade. Just around the corner comes light and longer, warmer days. This is a great time to mindfully think about what is not helpful to you in your thought process and what beliefs, memories and/or habits you would like to leave behind to melt away with the remaining snows of winter. Allow yourself to see these things being left in your past.
  2. There is a promise of renewal and growth. What would you like to have more of, not just material, but what ways can you grow as a person? Really think about this and set intentions for all that you wish to become. Write your intentions down and place them somewhere you can see regularly. This is such an amazing time for you to plant seeds, or for your existing seeds to begin to sprout.
  3. The shift in seasons is such a great symbol to shift your house and all your belongings. Winter is a time for hibernation, Spring is a time for migration. Use this time to give it a deep clean and physically move around, or move out, the stagnant physical possessions that you no longer need, or never use. When you declutter your space, you are literally “making room.” Allowing more room in your physical environment opens space for new things, people, or feelings to take its place.

Your house, heart, and mind feel so much lighter after this process.

Letting go can be one of the hardest things for trauma survivors to do. Only do it if it feels right and natural for you. If you begin to feel extreme anxiety or fear at the thought, maybe this spring is not the right time, or maybe you can start with just one negative pattern, or just focus on one room, rather than the entire house. Feeling strong emotions when letting go is natural and part of the process. Grieving is highly encouraged while revisiting old thoughts, beliefs, memories, or belongings. However, you must listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you.

Ultimately, this process should feel liberating, healing, and ground you in excitement for what the next chapter (season) has in store for you.


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Lena Tanya is a holistic life coach, author, and youth speaker. She helps people find joy after narcissistic abuse, heal…

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