The Amazing Power Of Thank You…

The Amazing Power Of Thank You

So much power is held in the words we use.

Each word we say with meaning holds a potent force which is unleashed into the world, directing our experience in a certain direction. I’m not talking about the pre-formulated narratives blurted out by the elected ones or the late, great paradigm changes of history. I’m not talking about these programs of control ushered out to the masses or the deep-cut tales of sorrow conveyed by popular storytellers that affect us on an emotional level, forever embedding themselves in our subconscious. I’m talking about the words we use on a daily basis, thought by thought, sound by sound in our every day lives. Your everyday life.

The energy emanating from a thought moves into spoken form and from the non-physical to the physical in the guise of a frequency, mixed with a feeling, masking a belief, holding an intention.

These incredible forces hold so much energy they can actually change reality. They can change how you feel in an instant. They can bring you closer to your highest truth or plunge you deep into a pit of catastrophic misery. There is one phrase which is perhaps the most powerful of all when it comes to changing your life, changing your feelings, changing your outlook, and ultimately changing how you get to experience life here on Earth. That phrase is thank you.

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On ‘thank you’

There’s no way on Earth you can say that you’ve never been affected by this seemingly mediocre word.

When somebody has said thank you to you, from a deeply meaningful place, you have felt that. You have felt that energetically, you have felt that emotionally, you have felt that physically. You have been lifted up. So have they. You have thought about it over and over. Your mood will have changed, you would have been kinder to yourself and you, more than likely, will have changed your outlook, even if only briefly, to a better one.

That’s energy. That’s how it works and it holds an incredible capacity to be carried in sound.

Now imagine somebody saying the opposite to you. Screw you. Or worse. How would that make you feel? You may be angry, you may feel hurt, you may just feel deeply unappreciated and worthless. Your head would sink and so would your stomach. The infelicitous attack would instantaneously spiral your mood right down and your perception of everything would be entirely negative. You would be looking further down the spiral, unable to see what was above you. Energy can do that too.

Think about the words we hear a lot as we hurtle towards this new paradigm on Earth.



Disease. Divide. Poverty.

Do we really want this energy forming our reality? Can you honestly say that you have not had some sort of reaction on some scale from these words streaming into your sovereignty from every conceivable direction?

Words as energy

One day, I took myself off for a walk, equipped with a bottle of water and knowledge buried deep in my subconscious but long forgotten. And I remembered. My mind started to once again speak that unequivocally powerful phrase; thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As I walked along repeating this mantra and I realized that sacred paths covering our planet were not always there, they were trodden by people carrying sacred energy. For miles, I walked, amazed at my ability to shut out the other thoughts trying to creep in. There was something about walking that day that was allowing this process to happen much more easily than sitting in meditation.

My footsteps landed softly on the fallen leaves. I spoke powerful words and held magical intentions.

We have filler words that we are all used to using without thinking. They mask silences, insecurities, and keep us busy. They are descriptive words that do not really hold a powerful or direct meaning. They dance around the truth and allow us to describe our physical experience to others as we see it, and they describe how they perceive the world to you. There is no energy intentionally injected into these words, only hope and a need for acceptance, we want people to perceive what we perceive, feel how we feel about things, and tell us that we are right. These words are good for this.

And yet, there are other words in our human language which hold a high energetic force. They are high-frequency power words that cut through the rest and create new pathways in our minds. Meaning has become attached to them over eons of time. The meaning has become attached because of the energy carried in them, spoken by millions and millions of people over however long you believe humanity has been around and talking.

Every time a word is spoken with meaning, intention, the energy it will not only affect your physical body but seed new constructs from the sheer momentum built up from this practice, both individually and collectively in the energy field of collective consciousness.

This is just the same for negative words as it is for positive words.

How does your energy feel when you say negative words? Think about how many times negative words have been spoken with the energy of fear attached to them, maybe even for hundreds and thousands of years. Those words will know that they carry the energy of fear into the future with them every time they are spoken because fear is highly-charged energy and that energy is attached to that language.

Things are spoken into form because words carry energy.

When you can use words that carry high, positive energy, then you can speak high, positive things into form. A sound is nothing more than a tangible manifestation of energy. Remember a spoken word is an energy in the form of sound, from a thought, masking a belief, holding an intention, mixed with a feeling, and once you figure this out, you can become pure magic.

So figure out your beliefs, harness your feelings, distill your thoughts and clarify your intentions because everything that you are presented within this physical reality, whether that’s a person, a situation, or an object, is not really how it is, it is merely a bouncing back of your perception. Like a bouncing ball being thrown at a wall.

Cultivating gratitude

If you want to cultivate a gratitude practice or tap into the exponential power of gratitude to start forming a better life for yourself, then start with the phrase thank you.

The phrase thank you is your magic feather.

If you have nothing to be thankful for, this mantra will lift you up and you’ll be able to see so much more. Your relationships will start to sparkle and conversations with friends will become delightful gifts. You’ll reconsider the past and see your challenges as blessings, you’ll begin to get excited about new things opening up for you. You’ll find yourself taking inventory of your surroundings in a much more positive light and soon enough, you’ll notice that you always had so much to be thankful for.

It’s not a quick fix to start with but it will become that lever to change the tracks and send the train off in a new direction.

The phrase thank you is spoken thousands and thousands of times a day with a positive charge and you can begin to perceive the collective energy of that word which propels you into a lighter state.

So speak it often and when you do, infuse it with the positive energy which you would so like to tap into. Every time you do this the momentum will build and it will become a simple but effective expression of love. You can deliberately infuse it with the energy of love, of gratitude, of appreciation  and the energetic charge held in this intention will move you to a better feeling place.

Say it over and over again.

Because even small steps can be potent. And small steps with good intentions are sacred.


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