5 Hidden Blessings Of A Difficult Childhood…

5 Hidden Blessings Of A Difficult Childhood

You may have seen in my last post about how a traumatic and/or chaotic childhood affects us in our lives. While having a difficult childhood is not something anyone would want — and those of us who have been through it would never wish it upon another — there are some incredibly positive results that shine through.

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You are strong

The old phrase, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is certainly true here. When you’ve been through incredibly hard times, most people’s “hard times” sounds like a breeze to you. You’ve already been through worse, come through it, and are still here. You’re a survivor.

You are resilient

When bad things do happen, you’re able to quickly recover from negative situations and are often able to recognize them for what they are very quickly, effectively reducing their overall impact. You are also quick and creative with amazing solutions to any problems that head your way.

You are loving

Because you know what it’s like to feel unloved, you fiercely love and protect the ones who matter to you and frequently go out of your way to care for strangers who need help.

You are courageous

Because survival is a thing you’ve got on lock-down, you realize that no matter what happens, you’ll figure it out and work your way through it. This translates into being willing and able to take big risks in order to achieve big rewards. You’re willing to fail because you know failure won’t stop you.

You are discerning

You have the power of shrewdness. You know when someone is being dishonest with you, know who you can trust, and are not swept up in other people’s drama. You know what truly matters and do well in positions of leadership.

When you put these things together, you see how much of a powerhouse you really are. This is why so many people who reach high levels of success come from tumultuous backgrounds. This doesn’t come automatically though. We have to process what we’ve been through, address our emotional baggage, and recognize our strengths. This means you need to stop doubting yourself. It’s easy to focus on the negative things that have happened in your life, all the people who’ve hurt you, and stew over the negative qualities you’ve seen in yourself. It’s much harder to face your pain, focus on your strengths, and change any bad habits you’ve acquired.

But here’s the thing…

You’ve got this!

Write down those five character strengths and descriptions listed above and replace all the “you are” with “I am”. Then go look yourself in the mirror and say them out loud. Remind yourself who you are and do it each and every day. The negative qualities are far outweighed by the positive and when you believe in yourself, you’re capable of every greatness. You already have the power inside of you. When you think about not wanting to pick up the phone and make a call to someone in your database because they might think of you as salesy, or not wanting to walk up and talk to that stranger at that event seems kinda small in comparison, right?

What are you actually worried about?

What can they do to you that you haven’t already been through, recovered from, and completely conquered?

It’s time to create the life and the business you’ve always wanted. There’s nothing left standing in your way and that door to success is in front of you, standing wide open.

Walk through it.


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