Tell The Truth, For The Sake Of Your Health…

Tell The Truth, For The Sake Of Your Health

In the modern western world, we live in a society where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Although we have removed ourselves from tribal living into small, nuclear families with high fences and deadlocks, more than ever we have access – through social media – to what others are doing, thinking, and saying.

Many of those that we are exposed to are not people that would have been in our tribe at all – they often live on the other side of the world – and yet we still feel that we need to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. The problem is that what we all put online is far from the true full picture of our lives. We all follow and like and heart each other’s stuff, while constantly comparing ourselves to the fabulous glossy social media image that our ‘friend’ has posted. But in fact, that is of course only a very minor part of what is really going on for that person. I’m sure it’s the same for you, you’re unlikely to write a post if you’ve had a shitty day and achieved nothing!

Extreme negative expression on social media works the same way too – the trolls, the vitriolic comments to someone that you’ve never even met – it is much easier to hide behind a social media persona and be hateful – saying things that you would never say in person. If you are addicted to social media – and let’s face it probably 90% of us are to some degree! – it is the same as any other kind of addiction – you are using it to fill a hole, to put a band-aid on a wound, and constantly comparing yourself to others is really not helpful for healing and balancing! We present the best version of our lives for public consumption but how often are we expressing our authentic selves?

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The Energy of the Truth

Giving voice to our truth is the realm of the 5th Chakra – the throat chakra. This chakra is located right in the middle of the throat and its color is aquamarine or turquoise. This energy center develops fully in the 40s, mid-life when we are learning to accept and express ourselves more fully, enter the typical mid-life crisis!

Most people are aware that we have 7 main energy centers in the body. These energy centers operate on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Different systems call the energy centers different names, but almost all traditional systems of medicine recognize these energy centers as well as other minor energy centers, and energy pathways. In my practice, I refer to the energy centers as the Chakras – which comes from the Indian tradition. Many energy healers work with the Chakras.

Chakras are areas where the body is very open to receiving energy, from all sources. When a chakra becomes imbalanced the flow of energy into it is depleted or even prevented. Each chakra governs and works with specific areas of physical, mental and emotional well-being. I’m sure many of you will recognize that you don’t express your truth a lot of the time.  Below I will give you lots of tips on how to balance your throat chakra, thus allowing genuine expression to flow more easily. If you do think that you are good at speaking authentically about how you feel, read on to see if perhaps your throat chakra is overactive!

Like most things in life energetic balance occurs on a spectrum. To determine if you may have an imbalance I will share below a number of examples of the extremes at either end of the spectrum – of course, we always aim to be as close to the middle, as much of the time, as we can.

True Blue You

I’m not sure where the expression ‘true blue’ came from but it is so appropriate when we’re talking about the throat chakra! Being, accepting and expressing your true self are the key actions of this energy center. Do you feel different and make sure that everybody knows that you are, perhaps even exaggerating your differences because you really don’t feel limited by what anyone else says or thinks? At the other end of the throat chakra energy spectrum, you may be rather unsure of who you truly are, or you may choose to hide your true nature from the world mainly because you feel that it is in-congruent with what you think others want you to be.

Valuing Your Voice

People who are always the first to speak up and make their proclamations as general truths, rather than just opinions probably have overactive throat chakras. These people may also like to talk through feelings or ideas as they are experiencing them, and they may tend to talk very quickly. Generally, these people never stop talking! If on the other hand someone is very quiet, shy and when they do speak they do so slowly, their throat chakra may be underactive. These people, however, may be the ones who tend to gossip and lie because they prefer to talk about others rather than telling the truth about themselves. They also usually hate public speaking.

Claiming Your Choice

Do you find it easy to make decisions and do you like to have lots of variety from which to make your choices? Do you enjoy decision making so much that you’re happy to make other people’s decisions for them too? Those who love making decisions may be overly concerned with making the right choice and also having the freedom to choose, and they may, therefore, struggle with trusting in divine will or higher powers. These things all indicate overactivity in the throat chakra.

If you find decision making overwhelming, especially having too many options to choose from, and will let others make your decisions for you as a way of getting around having to let go of the choices you don’t make, your throat chakra may be underactive.

Tickle in Your Throat

I love Deanna Minich’s description of the throat chakra as the ‘birth canal’ of our true selves, crystallizing what comes from the heart for expression into the external world!

Physical signs and symptoms of an imbalanced throat chakra are:

  • Throat conditions
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Fast or slow metabolism
  • Weight management issues
  • Very large or very small appetite
  • Very large or very small mouth
  • Regular indigestion and/ or bad breath
  • Super fast or super slow eating style
  • Ear and nose problems
  • Heightened or reduced senses of taste, smell, or hearing
  • Problems with teeth or jaw (including TMJ pain)
  • Neck pain
  • Dry, chapped lips

What can You Do to Be True to Yourself and Balance Your 5th Chakra?

Use the Evenstar 5 Star Well-being approach!


  • Modulate the pace at which you eat. Doing 10 to 15 chews per bite is ideal.
  • Keep a food log, being truthful about what you eat each day (contact me for a template)
  • Access a variety of food each week, and a variety of colors of produce each day – making honest choices about what your body truly needs
  • Consume lots of liquid foods – soups, smoothies, juices, sauces – to lubricate your throat
  • Explore sea plants like Nori, agar, kelp, dulse
  • For fruits, variety is key, including sour citrus to really activate the mouth and throat
  • Drink 2 to 3 liters a day of filtered, plastic-free water to cool and lubricate the throat


  • Moving the neck through gentle rotations and flexion/ extension regularly
  • Find a form of movement that is ‘true’ and right for you and do it often


  • Prioritize sleep because it is a great way to access your true self, through dreams.
  • Keep a dream journal beside the bed and right down what you remember as soon as you wake up. Share your dreams with someone you trust.


  • Get into an open space and shout into the wind!
  • Wear the color aquamarine
  • Wearing scarves/ turtlenecks/ necklaces – practice doing the opposite of what you usually do with this


  • Aquamarine – courage, clarity, tolerance, letting go, throat, thyroid, jaw & teeth
  • Turquoise – protection, communication, expression, calm
  • Lapis Lazuli – heals wounds caused by not speaking out in the past, inner truth, self-expression, honesty, opinions, listening, throat, thyroid

Essential oils

For overactivity:

  • Tea tree will help you to move from intolerance to empathy
  • Neroli brings about trust in divine will when making choices
  • Black Pepper will help you go from denying responsibility for your words to acknowledgment
  • Easy Air and Forgive blends from DoTerra

For underactivity:

  • Basil will overcome insecurity and bring about communication
  • Jasmine will bring about trust when you are afraid
  • Lemongrass will make you once again feel emotionally expansive instead of constrained
  • Easy Air and Peace blends from DoTerra


  • Meditation – meditation focused on the senses of taste, hearing, smell; chanting or humming meditation would be perfect
  • Use your voice – sigh audibly, sing, hum, chant
  • Affirmations – I am an honest expression of my true self, I am grateful to be able to speak my truth, I move through life with ease and expression
  • If you really find it hard to say what you need to, then write it down instead
  • Neck and TMJ massage
  • Energy healing


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