3 Surprising Ways Technology Can Boost Mindfulness…

3 Surprising Ways Technology Can Boost Mindfulness

Mindfulness- the art of being present in the current moment with complete attention diminishing all the distractions has been a burning topic for the intellectuals. The pinch of technology added this area made them interested in the field. A lot of research has been conducted on mindfulness, and the trend will continue. In modern psychotherapeutic research and practice, tech or I would say mindfulness technologies have been employed in treating borderline personality disorder, recurrent major depression, and many more such diseases.

No, technology and mindfulness are not opposites. You might have heard that technology is an addiction and hinders the path of attaining mindfulness. But it is not true in all the perspectives.

“Put your phones away and turn off the ‘idiot box’ if you want to practice mindfulness” does seem valid now. But according to researches, the blend of Technology and mindfulness can be compatible. Let us see how.

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1. Keep a check on what you surf

Watch yourself surf the web. The Internet has become a big part of our routine. According to Rohan Gunatillake, author of Modern Mindfulness (This is Happening), “Internet is full of things that get us going, creating reactions that run the full range of the emotional spectrum.” Most of the internet users (47% of the total world’s population) get entangled in the emotions which every post of the internet touched upon. Identifying the response of your mind and body when it experiences favorite websites and internet sources is the initial step of meditating and attaining mindfulness. Check how frequently you get bored while reading a post and what is the time your mind needs something new to read and watch.

How will it help?

It will aid you in checking how frequently your mind needs new things and gets bored

2. Use podcasts to boost your concentration level

Plug in your headphones and listen to any podcast while sitting in the meditation posture. Pick the podcast with a minimum length of 15 minutes. Start listening to it. The moment you get distracted, check it, analyze it and rewind the audio. How will this help you in the mindfulness process? Apart from helping you in training your mind to concentrate, this practice will teach you how to practice your posture.

What’s the next step? Increase your podcast listening time to 30 minutes. Another alternative is sitting in the meditation posture for 30 minutes, listening to the podcast for 15 minutes and the rest of the time in silence.

3. Check the physical experience when you scroll your mobile screen-

Mobile phones have become the extensions of our bodies. There is almost no time of the day when we keep our “smartphones” away from us. It is nothing less than addiction, but here, we will take it as one of the ways of practicing mindfulness. Every time you check your phone, consider it as an opportunity to be aware of the body.

How will it help?

Awareness of the body and the phone is the result of paying attention to the physical experiences when you check your phone.

Technology can be used to reconnect with ourselves. Technology supports people who want to experience mindfulness rather than being an obstacle.

Stay tuned for such exciting blogs.


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