4 Surprising Activities That Increase Your Longevity And Quality Of Life…

4 Surprising Activities That Increase Your Longevity And Quality Of Life

In addition to your genetics, so many different factors can have a meaningful impact on how you live your life. Recently, there’s been so much buzz around fitness and health, and the overwhelming amount of information, often conflicting, can make it impossible for you to discern which habits are indeed healthy, and why you need to adopt them. Although some activities are incredibly beneficial for your physical health, others might be more powerful in terms of bringing you peace of mind and all-encompassing serenity.

Others can be highly effective in prolonging your life, and even more so in keeping you resilient, strong, and your mind sharp for those extra years you earn with your healthy habits. Alas, we have careers to build, families to bond with, and other aspirations to attend to, so it’s impossible to take a yoga class, take up dancing, jog every morning, head to a gym, and learn to play tennis. As beneficial as those activities may be, and as versatile as the perks they bring are, you need to make a choice.

Here are four activities you can actually mix and match, that will complement almost any lifestyle, help you be at peace with your inner self, continue to build your health, and preserve your wellbeing for decades to come.

Infuse your life with meditation

We often fail to appreciate some of the finer moments in life simply because we’re not present, we’re not there, soaking in the sun on your way to work, feeling the breeze caressing your cheeks, or enjoying the comfort of that chair in which you’re sitting right now. This modern life of ours naturally pushes us to be hasty and constantly feel as if we’re in a hurry, even when we’re not. The cure? Practicing mindfulness in everything you do, in every moment in which you see that potential.

One of the easiest ways to grow that awareness of the present moment and the bliss it brings is to add a brief, yet profound meditative session to your routine. Five, ten, or fifteen minutes, let your own mind decide how much you need, find a few mantras and affirmations that will soothe your soul, and let this beautiful habit prolong your existence.

Take up an exercise regime

Most of the time, we find excuses not to get active, even if it means taking a walk a few times per week, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Our sedentary lifestyle has become a deeply-rooted habit, one we rarely question. This is the perfect opportunity to invest time, effort, and creativity into setting up a flexible workout schedule to keep you healthy. You need extra motivation to stay on track? Invest in high-quality gym wear that will protect you during more difficult training sessions, and boost your confidence when you’re feeling blue.

Get an insulated water bottle to always hydrate yourself, and keep a healthy snack in your gym bag for that kick of energy afterwards. Whether you wish to enhance your strength through lifting weights, take up an aerobics class, or anything in between, exercise is one of the most powerful ways to increase your longevity. Greater bone density, preventing muscle deterioration, keeping your heart and lungs strong, all of these and many other effects of exercise add years to your life.

Add a yoga flow to your routine

Just like meditation, a yoga flow doesn’t have to take up your entire day or even an entire hour to help you age gracefully and stay resilient. In fact, you can always rely on a simple, but powerful yoga flow such as the Sun Salutation, or any other combination of asanas that will increase your flexibility, core strength, help you gain deeper control of your breathing, and detox your body completely. If you’re experiencing specific health issues, you can use yoga positions and movements that aid that particular health problem.

One of the easiest ways to add a flow to your day is during your morning routine. As you’ve wrapped up your brief meditative session, you can do several Sun Salutations to get your blood flowing, help your joints gain their mobility, and wake up your entire body to prepare for the day ahead.

Spend more time in nature

Medical professionals around the world have started using time in nature as a remedy for their patients. Recognized as one of the most effective ways to reduce your stress levels, improve your physical and cognitive skills alike, and put a smile on your face, time in the great outdoors is a healing tool few rely on today. Luckily, you needn’t organize a special trip into the woods every week, although that would perhaps be the best way to escape the noise and air pollution of the city.

It seems that as little as 120 minutes per week can give your body what it needs to benefit from time spent in green surroundings. Find a park that’s nearby, or one that’s on your way to work, so you’ll be more active, and reap the numerous rewards that time in nature promises.

Life does have a tendency to get more hectic every day. It brings us more stress, turmoil, and tension, and we need to take action to heal our health and stay on the right track. Use and blend these simple, yet meaningful activities to live a long, and healthy life.


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