22 Keys To Successfully Heal Yourself And Others…

22 Keys To Successfully Heal Yourself And Others

Whether you are healing yourself or facilitating someone else’s healing, the keys to the process being successful lay in the following:

  • Always be intuitively sensitive to the subtle changes in energy, no matter how slight.
  • Remove yourself and be responsive as you trust your gut feelings, without judgment or ego.
  • Silence the internal chatter of your mind (or others). Do not create self-fulfilling prophecies, prejudge, analyze, guess, or predetermine a disease or situation in healing. Remove yourself from the equation. This is not about you; unless of course, you are working on yourself. Be selfless, humble, and open to allow the spirit to guide you in your work.
  • Don’t be afraid to let go of conventions. Trust what you feel at that very moment. Living in the presence of the present moment lends a unique chance to taste everything as it is unfolding. No matter how strange something may appear to be to you, grasp it, utilize it, and embrace it.
  • Remember: you are a conduit of Unconditional Universal Healing Energy. The Universe knows where to go. So trust this implicitly.
  • Experience energy for the first time every time you work on yourself or others. This allows the Universe to direct you, inspire you, and focus you where you need to be, not where the “mainstream” or protocol of training would have you look. You will do healing of the actual cause and source, not the symptoms, and different aches and pains.
  • Envision the issues that you are working to heal as being stuck in the body, mind, or spirit and see them blocking the energy flow. As you concentrate your energy on these areas or issues, see them melt away. Feel the energy start to flow strongly again and see the negativity fade away, and get flushed out of the physical and metaphysical body.
  • Build a single tangible goal that your mind can envision and your brain can wrap around, even if others say that it is impossible. “WHAT IF?” now becomes “AS IF!” This is the Golden Key you now hold to manifestation.
  • Build a single goal, even if there are many things you wish to change or fix. Multiple issues mean multiple layers. You cannot peel away several layers at once because they may not have anything to do with each other. Just like an onion, if you take the time to peel one layer at a time, you will separate and release each layer, learning from that experience and embodying the release of that particular layer. Trying to cut through many layers at once as a shortcut only causes more tears than necessary, and nothing is remembered of each layer. Remember the fact that each cell has memory. The releasing of cell memory requires that cell to be reprogrammed if you will. So it is essential to choose your battles one at a time. The human mind works best with a simple single thought at a time. As you see the positive changes occur and you embody them, you will know when the next layer is to be addressed.
  • To build this vision of healing, follow these steps one at a time and feel the resolve you are creating has a power too bold to doubt and, with the Endless Universe of possibilities behind you, no fear whatsoever.
  • Recognize the need to heal your own body, mind, and spirit. With others in mind, ask them to verbalize their need to heal, not complain about it.
  • Verbalize out loud your/their positive affirmation, your/their proclamation of the goal of healing.
  • Visualize the healing already taking place.
  • Disassociate from the disease, empathically and unconditionally. “AS IF” It no longer exists!
  • Accept full responsibility for your own healing. Have others verbalize this if the healing is for them.
  • Unconditionally trust your/their ability for positive change on all levels. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you/they can and will heal.
  • Walk, talk, work, and pray with a heartfelt gratitude that the work is already happening.
  • Release all and any doubts and fears and now trust your/their desire for positive change as the ultimate truth. Release the mind of obsession and possession of what was. It is no longer yours/theirs.
  • Surrender through free will and accept what is. Accept that you/they are stardust, a light is not just a human being.
  • Realize and accept that you/they are Reiki, Universal Unconditional Love Energy, the Life Force that flows throughout the Universe in all things that have lived in the world of form.
  • Express gratitude for what will be: self-healing and self-love and a oneness with creation as the creator. Then break away, cut away from the old energies that created this disease and walk away from them, never to mention them again. Work is done and then forgotten; therefore, it lasts forever.
  • Finally, always remember that you are not the healer of others. You are not responsible if they heal fully, nor are you responsible if they do not. No one can know the true nature of why things happen the way that they do. So never take credit for someone else’s full miraculous recovery. And on the same note, never take the blame for not having done more, or done differently, if someone else didn’t recover the way you envisioned. If you are truly detached from your ego, then you do not have a predetermined outcome; work is done, then forgotten. Working without attachments, without judgment, without goals, and without ego is by far and large the hardest achievements for anyone in the healthcare business or a beloved first responder.


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