Storytelling: The Act Of Creation…

Storytelling: The Act Of Creation

Nothing is created outside of a story. We are born into a story. We are given a name, a family (other characters in our story), a race, a religion, an identity, expectations, all before we take our first breath. Our family has already created who we’re going to be and what they want us to be.

The thing is, our Creator has already created a story for us as well before we are born, it is already written within our DNA, but this story is completely short-lived as we as we are ambushed by the story that our family gives us. The story that was written for us by the Creator typically comes later in life once and if we decide to embark on a spiritual quest. We can tell when our original story has been altered because the ideas and concepts we are fed feels wrong, so to speak. Our family, friends, and society sell us one story but deep inside of us we can feel that it isn’t necessarily our story.

Everything we do or don’t do is simply based on the story we tell ourselves, or the stories we’ve been told. How do we know when it’s time to change roles? How do we know when it’s time to awaken to our true story? When we begin to feel dissatisfied with who we are and what we’re doing; we are ready to expand into a new role. We’re ready to re-write our story.

Everything we encounter revolves around storytelling – the conversations we have, the shows and movies we watch, the books we read, social media posts. We’re telling stories all day long. As I said, many of our stories were already imposed on us from birth, but some of our stories are created based on our past experiences.

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What’s your story?

So, it’s time to examine what story you’ve been telling and what stories have been enforced upon you that no longer resonates with you. What we don’t realize is many of our stories have been pressed upon our subconscious through various entities. We pick up a lot of stories from our environment. If deep inside we feel that we are truly gifted and can use our natural abilities to help many people, yet our surrounding show that majority of people to college and get a “good job with benefits”, then we will unconsciously sway along with that story because we feel ours is just a pipe dream or wishful thinking.

This isn’t to say that going to college and getting a great job is a bad thing because it is a great thing for someone who truly resonates with this story and desire it. But this isn’t a story for everyone, and just because someone else feels that their life is calling them in a different direction doesn’t mean they should be made to feel crazy or delusional either. So, what stories have you been attached to regarding your relationships? Your children? Your health? Your career? I know what you may be thinking “Well of course, this is the particular story I’m telling because this is what my current life is, I can’t tell a story of how healthy I am while I am sick, I can’t tell a story of how my business is thriving when it’s not.”

Creating your reality through stories

But here’s the thing, this is your current reality because of the previous stories you’ve told and been sold, even if those stories were not directly related to your circumstances. Here’s an example of what I mean, you don’t have to say verbatim that you are physically ill to get sick. The story could sound more like this :

“I’m so stressed, I’m so frustrated, I’m sick and tired of (fill in the blank), life is so hard, ugh it kills me when (fill in the blank) happens.” As far as your business, although innately you want a successful and prosperous business, you may be stifling your business with stories such as “I’m not sure if this will really work, what if no one buys my products/services, does anyone really want this? I think I’ve stepped too far out the box; people probably think I’m crazy.” You may even cringe in fear whenever you have to post or advertise your business in fear that no one will really care and you’re doing this all in vain.

And here’s another amazing revelation, you don’t even have to speak these things to other people; just rehearsing them over and over again in your mind while also feeling the emotions of such stories is also another form of storytelling. In this instance, you’re repeating the same defeating story over and over again to yourself. Whether you are repeating this to yourself in your mind and feeling the emotions or telling it to others, it all manifests the same way.

And if you want to go even deeper, the story that you may be telling (or consistently rehearsing within yourself) could also be stifling the desires you intend to manifest. We say everything is connected but don’t fully understand just how far this concept goes. The story that you’re telling about how you’ll never forgive so and so, or the resentment and animosity that you’re holding against a specific person could be holding you back as well.

How you ask? Because again, everything is connected, and everything is energy. It may be challenging for abundance or great health to flow to you when you’re carrying unforgiveness or hatred in your heart. Don’t believe me? Let go of any unforgiving energy you had towards someone, I mean truly let it go, and watch something show up in your life that appears unrelated to the energy you just released.

I don’t just share these ideas from books I’ve read, I share these from experience. I remember checking my bank account and having low funds AND having my checks garnished but still spoke, felt and believed that I was wealthy and all of my financial obligations were taking care of, and because of this I manifested a large lump sum of money. I remember being single yet still believing, envisioning and meditating on my ideal relationship and my twin flame showed up.

When we think of manifesting, we are programmed to only think of manifesting the things we want but it also applies to things we don’t want. For instance, when I was attached to my old story and truly believed that my finances were jacked up and I never had enough money, that’s exactly what kept showing up in my life.

Write your own story

When it comes to creating a new story, you must have a healthy level of detachment from your current circumstances. Do not ignore them, just be aware that they exist but choose to direct your energy to telling a story that is aligned with your highest vision for yourself and when you follow this blueprint you realize that this is the story that was imprinted inside of you all along.

And again, you can do this all within yourself. You don’t have to go ranting and raving to everyone about the changes you are making. If someone was to ask you about a certain situation you can just reply with a simple “Everything is fine” or “Things are really getting better”, you don’t have to go into detail unless you want to and feel you are speaking with a trustworthy person. I love how Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks on the past-present in many of his books. This implies that many of us are living in a past-present reality; meaning that because we keep re-living and telling the same stories, our present moments always resemble our past.

We must learn to start living in our future-present reality; meaning telling stories and feeling from a space of what we desire our future to look like. In this case, we would, in essence, be living in that future in our present moment because we are connected with it mentally and emotionally and it would only be a matter of time before that “future” has been made manifest in our physical reality. So, take some time today and examine the stories you’ve been telling yourself and others. Take some time to see what energy you may still be carrying that may be blocking you from receiving. Write out the stories that would bring about inspiration, peace, bliss, and joy in your life, and make it more so about you and not what you would need other people to do to bring about those feelings.

What new role would you have to take on to manifest your heart’s desires? What part of your old identity would you need to release? Who would you have to become? Sit quietly and listen to the cells in your body. Feel the truth of the story that was given to you and written in your DNA. You are the screenwriter and the actor in your story so write a damn good one.


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