How To Stop Worrying And Start Thriving…

How To Stop Worrying And Start Thriving

Every night is the same. Midnight, 1am, 2am, 3am. Still no sleep. The minutes crawled by in slow motion, each lasting a lifetime. And the thoughts kept coming. Visions of worst case scenarios, catastrophes and disasters occupied my mind until I was too exhausted to fall asleep. Worries about finances, health, my future, the tasks of the day ahead caused waves of panic and dread.

Restful sleep was a distant memory of a care-free life long ago. Before nights were consumed by relentless overthinking. Before worry was a constant companion and anxiety a self-made prison. I was desperate. My depleted body and mind screamed for rest. I sleepwalked through every new blurry day, dragging myself on until I collapsed back into bed. Only for the worries to return and the cycle to start again.

I was too sleep-deprived to feel useful and enjoy life. I merely existed, plagued by fatigue, tortured by my own mind, suffocated by my fears. I needed to stop the ceaseless worrying, reclaim my sleep, balance, and happiness. So I started testing techniques to stop overthinking. But the results were disappointing. Until I found a way to end the worry loop, for good.

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3 Hidden Causes

My recovery began when I realized that my worrying and compulsive over thinking were caused by three core issues. All of which were symptoms of low self-worth.

  • Lack of trust: We grow up believing that if we don’t look after ourselves, nobody will. Low self-worth convinces us that we aren’t worthy of help and support. That we don’t deserve happiness, good fortune, and the Universe’s gifts. Yet, we can’t trust our own abilities to cope with life’s challenges. We don’t feel capable. We aren’t good enough.
  • The overwhelming urge to control: We think that life’s a random mess, a chaotic agglomerate of unrelated occurrences. Low self-worth insists that we’re too powerless to create our own experiences. Too weak to change our destiny, unworthy of guidance. So we try to control every aspect of life, remembering past tragedies, desperate to prevent future hardship.  Believing, deep down, that we aren’t strong enough to hold it all together.
  • Excessive attachment: Low self-worth preaches that we must clutch what we love. So we cling to family and friends, jobs and possessions. Petrified that they will be ripped from our hands if we let go. Because we aren’t lovable and worthy enough. We don’t deserve them.

And so we worry. Incessantly. About our future, health, and finances. About our purpose and direction. About potential failure, loss and rejection. All courtesy of low self-worth.

The Most Powerful Strategy

Worrying feeds an already difficult situation with more negative energy. The outcome, therefore, is often negative, Which confirms to us that we 1) were right to worry in the first place and 2) are really not good enough to cope. So we worry even more next time, Trapped in an everlasting spiral of soaring worry and plummeting self-worth. For a good outcome to any problem, it’s imperative to nurture the issue that concerns us with positive energy. And I soon discovered the most effective strategy: a combination of healing low self-worth and surrendering our troubles to the Universe.

How to Heal Low Self-worth

I used to believe that I was innately worthless but could gain worth through my achievements. Success, approval, and popularity increased my worth, while failure, rejection and humiliation diminished it. I craved a feeling of worth and deservedness.  So, I buckled down, tried to please everyone and obsessed about their opinions. Terrified to lose my hard-earned worth through mistakes and imperfection. As a result, I worried non-stop. Because I was unaware of the truth: that we ARE worth personified. You see, unlimited worth is the essence of our being. It’s unconditional of our actions, beliefs, and characteristics. We can never lose worth. Nor can we gain any. 

So why worry about it?

How to Surrender your Worries to the Universe

The Universe considers us perfect, wonderful, worthy expressions of creation. It sees the unlimited worth that we ARE. It doesn’t doubt our deservedness of the best that life has to offer. But worrying blocks the universal flow that wants to carry us to our happy endings. We are busy imagining nightmares that we overlook the bread crumbs the Universe drops for us to mark the way. We blindly stumble past the perfect, ready-made solution to our problems because we don’t trust in our worth and the Universe’s good will. So, next time you worry about anything, surrender the problem to the Universe. Affirm:

“I bless this situation and everybody involved with love. I know the perfect solution is already chosen and I allow the Universe to show me the way to my best outcome.”

And then let go. Stop worrying. Look out for Universal signs and follow them. And witness life unfold beautifully without angst and worry.

Living Worry-free

I have surrendered my problems to the Universe for many years now. Trusting that I AM worth, that I deserve happiness and that the chosen outcome will be the best for me. And I was never disappointed. Whenever worries creep up, I remind myself of my unlimited worth. I surrender the issue and breathe. Light, relaxed, worry-free.

My life isn’t weighed down by anxious thoughts. I know the perfect outcome to every problem will come at the right time. I know that I AM worth. And I sleep again. You can live worry-free too. Give it a try. What do you have to lose but your worries?


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