8 Simple Ways To Stop ‘Overwhelm’ In Its Tracks…

8 Simple Ways To Stop ‘Overwhelm’ In Its Tracks

With all of the daily distractions in today’s busy world, it’s far too easy for us to feel overwhelmed at times – especially in our jobs and home lives. And while a certain amount of tension can be useful in helping us complete our responsibilities, too much of it can turn us into a mess of stress and keep us from accomplishing anything. Having a plan in place for when you start to feel overwhelmed will help you keep your head above water and get you back to enjoying your life.

Starting to feel stressed out? Take a deep breath and incorporate the following ideas into your daily routine.

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1) Write Down Everything You Need to Do

A large part of overwhelm comes from trying to mentally keep track of too many things at once. Instead of struggling to remember all the things you need to do, write them down in order of importance. And be honest with yourself: if something doesn’t absolutely have to get done right now, remove it from the list and save it for another day.

2) Change Your Perspective

We all know that what you focus on grows, so instead of thinking about all of the things you have to do, take a break to count your blessings and send some gratitude out into the universe. It may sound silly or trite, but training your mind to flip the switch from panic to appreciation in moments of high stress can often mean the difference between a life of anxiety or one of peace.

3) Learn to Delegate

Can a co-worker create the spreadsheet for you? Do you really need to make a three-course meal when you get home from work? Does the laundry actually have to be done tonight? Ask for help, grab take-out on your way home, and put off the laundry for another day. It’s not a big deal – learn to prioritize, give up control, and let the little stuff go.

4) Create Boundaries and Learn to Say No

You don’t need to agree to everything that’s thrown your way. If it’s a friend who is asking for your time, explain that you aren’t able to fit it (whatever “it” may be) into your schedule, but you appreciate the offer. If it’s your boss or a client, tell them that given your workload, the task would be difficult for you to complete at this time, but perhaps there is another way to get it done. The more you practice saying “no,” the easier it will become.

5) Quit Trying to Multitask

No one does it properly anyway. When attempting to “multitask,” all you’re really doing is placing your brain into high stress mode by asking it to switch back and forth from task to task to task, until it hits utter exhaustion. Stay focused on one thing at a time and you’ll find you get way more accomplished.

6) Stay in the Moment

When you find yourself feeling stressed, sit back and take a moment to be still. Bring your focus back to your breath and spend a few minutes in silence. Remain there until you feel composed enough to return to the task at hand.

7) Take Care of You, Everyday

Life is all about balance and incorporating self-care into your daily regimen will help you stay centered and calm, so that you have the energy to continue doing all the things you do. Schedule a massage, exercise, spend time outdoors, get plenty of sleep, draw a warm bath, sip on a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine, watch a funny video or movie, call your best friend or a family member, read a good book – anything you can do to get out of your head and relax.

8) Reach Into Your Bring-on-the-Bliss Toolkit

There are countless methods available to help people deal with stress and anxiety, many of which are free. Check out any of the following wellness techniques and see which ones might work for you: tapping, meditation, journaling, aromatherapy, guided visualization, repeating mantras, mirror work, acupressure, acupuncture, counseling, yoga, tai chi.


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