5 Steps To Break Free Of Your Negative Patterns…

5 Steps To Break Free Of Your Negative Patterns

We all have a few negative habits, whether it’s due to some childhood issues or simply the lack of willpower to resist temptations. Not all negative habits are the same, though, as some can influence your life more than others. This depends on how much they actually cost to maintain in terms of time, money, and energy. However, once they start affecting your life in a noticeable way and turning into frequent patterns instead of occasional slips, that’s when you have a problem. The sooner you address this problem, the sooner you can fix it – and here are five steps that should help you do exactly that.

Recognize your patterns

First things first, in order to change those negative patterns, you first need to recognize them. Take a look at your daily habits and think about things that you’d like to change. Is there something that you keep doing and feeling guilty afterward? Is there anything in your life that you keep complaining about? In order to change your patterns, you need to know exactly which patterns you want to change. And you need to be honest with yourself. People with harmful habits tend to make themselves look like victims by making up different excuses for their behavior. So, admit to yourself that you have a problem, and you’ll make the first step towards fixing it.

Know why you should change

Once you recognize the negative patterns in your life, you need to fully understand why you need to break free of them. You need to be aware of how those bad habits affect your lifestyle. Therefore, think about how you feel after you spend hours drinking, playing video games, gambling, or similar. Do you know what addiction definition is, and how much you’re actually missing out on by wasting your time on habits that don’t benefit you in any way? Sure, you can always say that those things make you happy, but the happiness you feel from alcohol, smoking, and similar addictions is very short-term, while the negative consequences can last for much longer. So, again, stop making excuses, accept the reality of your problem, and choose to change.

Imagine your life in the future

Imagining who you will never be if you don’t allow yourself to reach your full potential can be a scary thought. However, it might be just the thought you need to snap out of your illusions. We all have those “if only” moments, but when it comes to addictions, those moments can turn into lifetime regrets. Therefore, don’t let yourself reach old age only to think about what your life could have looked like if you had changed some things sooner. Instead, think about your future now – think about what it can be if you start making the necessary changes today. Do you like the person you could be? After all, there are no permanent labels in life, and who you are today does not have to be you tomorrow.

Start doing something about it

Once you’re done thinking about everything, it’s time to start doing something. Now, this is the step where most people get stuck. Thinking about your problems, accepting them, and admitting to yourself that you need to make some changes, as hard as it all is, is actually easy compared to actually doing something about it. So, take baby steps. You don’t have to change overnight. Create a plan of action, and increase the difficulty of your changes gradually. For example, if your problem is eating too much, and you want to lose weight, start by counting your calories, eating a bit less, and walking a bit more. And every day, you should eat a tiny bit less, and walk a tiny bit more. Eventually, you will reach your goal.

Find a support group

Last but not least, it’s extremely important to find people who will support you and hold you accountable for everything you do. No matter how motivated you are, that motivation will get harder to maintain once things get tough. This is when you’ll need support, somebody who will remind you why you’re doing all this. It can be a group of people going through the same things you are, or it can be your best friend who has seen you at your worst and understands your problems. The thing is, everything is easier when you’re not going through it alone, so make sure there’s somebody boosting your motivation every day.

Breaking a habit is never an easy thing to do. However, the consequences of not changing your bad patterns can affect your entire life. So, think about who you are now and who you want to be, and start working towards the goal of becoming the best version of yourself by dropping all the habits that are holding you back.


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