5 Steps To A Mindful Work Space…

5 Steps To A Mindful Work Space


Bombarded by the demands of coworkers, bosses, and customers, it can be difficult to stay mindful at work. Our minds stray to afternoon appointments and deadlines. Our breathing becomes shallow and rapid. Staying in the present moment can feel impossible. But in as little as five minutes, you can press the reset button, begin again and center yourself for a productive day.

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1) Start the Day Slow

Jumping onto your email as soon as the day begins sets the mind up for stress. Sit down at your desk. Focus on your breathing. Sip a warm beverage and focus on the feel of the cup in your hand. Close your eyes for a few seconds and then turn on the computer.

2) Release Tension Throughout the Day

As we sit, our bodies start to cramp. Tension can build in the neck and shoulders. Periodically, do some neck rolls, stretch your arms overhead and do some side twists. Releasing the tension in your body can help release the tension in your mind.

3) Find a Focal Point

If you are lucky enough to work near a window, take a moment to focus on a tree outside, the sunshine or the way the wind lifts the grass. If you are in an enclosed area, bring a plant into your work area or a picture of a loved one. Spend a couple of minutes contemplating that there is more to life than work.

4) Use Your Senses

Listen intently for sounds that you don’t normally notice in the office – the sound of the heat coming on, cars passing by outside. Really feel your fingers on the keyboard and your feet on the floor. Smell what your coworker is cooking in the microwave. Being mindful slows down the brain and provides a sense of peace.

5) First Things First

Looking at your To Do List can be intimidating and having ten tabs on your computer might be the norm. But the mind works more efficiently when focusing on one item at a time. Try to group similar tasks together and prioritize the most important ones for the day. There will always be more to do, so do what you can today.


By taking a few minutes to center yourself, you can increase your productivity, better communicate with your coworkers and leave work feeling good. Take that time for yourself today.


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