Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Are You In Or Out?…

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Are You In Or Out?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Success and money are not the end developments if you step out of your comfort zones many will follow you if you are just willing to be out!.

Permanent happiness too evades the person who is addicted to his comfort zone, Underline the word permanent here. Only pleasure and vanishing happiness is the fruit of your comfort zone.

There was a very famous king who took good care of his subjects and all the people in his kingdom lived in peace and contempt. The king had many gifts that he had received from other friendly kings who duly respected him for the goodness and the kindness that he showed to his allies.

Among all the gifts the king had received, the two eagles from his neighbouring queen remained the prime of all the awards, except there was only a single problem. The Eagles just refused to move. The king employed a trainer and asked him to make sure that the eagles obey his commands so that he could be happy for them and for the queen whom he adored greatly.

The trainer took the two eagles and slowly started to train them with great aspiration and endeavour. Now the trainer too faced a problem, out of the two eagles only one learned to fly higher after the training.

The other eagle no matter what training was provided, just refused to move from the branch and held on to it tightly. “It just refused to move and fly.”

The king saw the way things shaped up for the eagle and became very pathetic and depressed.

The king called all big trainers of animals and birds and even magicians of the land, but the eagle simply refused to move, quite a determination the eagle exhibited in its love for the branch!

Ultimately a poor farmer who understood the king’s situation and rushed to his aid informing him that he will take the arduous task. The king too depressed, handed over the eagle to the farmer.

One month passed by, the king while going through his kingdom in his chariot was astonished to find the “ unmovable eagle flying higher and higher.”

He was thrilled and called for the farmer to ask him for the solution that made this eagle fly.?

The simple farmer replied that he had just cut off the branch that the eagle was holding tightly, now it had to move from that branch and should learn to fly higher as eagles are destined to fly higher not get caught in a comfortable zone,

As simple as it was!!

We as human beings are also designed to fly higher like the eagle, but we cling on tightly to the comfort zones of pleasure, laziness, addictions that bring us temporary reliefs.

“Do Not Lie to Yourself
We have to be honest about what we want and take risks rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Just imagine what would happen if our comfort zones were cut off like that the branch that the eagle was catching tightly?

Seeking refuge among our comfort zones is not going to bring everlasting happiness. Life is all about pushing hard and moving forward.

A rocket to reach its destination burns the most considerable amount of fuel during its initial phase. Moving out of our comfort zones determined to finish a task or pursuing your goal will definitely consume more fuel from you but understand that after the initial pains your habit will overtake your comforts and will push you to move higher in your life.

Steps to move out now

Understand what you really need? Do you need happiness? Do you need success? Do you need a good and fit body? Understand that without sacrifice there is no result.

If you want something you will need to push your self harder, there is no secret pill for that

Chart out a goal plan to reach your destination. Break bigger goals to small chunks, create small, timely goals that you set for every week and review the same consistently and honestly.

Slowly break your comfort zone. If you want to publish your own book you need to write frequently, start writing every day, building habits consistently. If you can write 100 words every day slowly increase to 120 words, patience is the key here, and consistency is the key here.

Take a list of tasks that you felt impossible to do for yourself but really wanted to do. start with the most straightforward task. What do you have in you?

Breaking your comfort zone will help in building your real self-confidence.

Remember the story of the tortoise to which the hare lost, you need to be the same tortoise, slowly moving out one step at a time.

Time to break your comfort zone and fly higher…


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