Staying Positive When It Feels Impossible…

Staying Positive When It Feels Impossible

Sometimes everything feels against you. Sometimes seeing the light is impossible and you don’t know if and when you will ever get out of the dark. Trust me, I know. That helpless feeling can be all-consuming and that inner voice can take over and tell us there is no hope.

It doesn’t help when images of everyone seeming to be happier than us, having better things than us, and the words “good vibes only” surround the world. Good vibes only is useless unless you know how to tap into the good vibes.

It’s easy to say good vibes only and stay positive, but it’s hard to feel like that when the world feels against you. And I won’t lie, it takes work to get out of this negative mindset. It requires some effort. It’s all too easy to sit there in our shame, in our sadness, and in our self-pity than it is to enact the discipline it takes to completely rewire our brains and change our mindsets. But it is possible if you are willing to try.

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While saying “just have faith” is fine and dandy, again, it is a lot easier said than done. Instead, take a moment to reflect on your past experiences. When has something bad happened before? Remember any prior negative experiences or feelings your endured before and how you got through that. THAT is where faith lies, knowing that this is fleeting and nothing is constant except change. Things won’t remain this way forever; in fact, things CAN’T remain this way forever. Every second is different and in a year’s time, things will be completely different for you despite the feeling they won’t.

Faith lies in clinging to this hope. Clinging to this unavoidable change. Reflect how things changed for you in the past and how the negative feelings are fleeting and that is where you will start to find faith in the future again.

Mind over heart

While contrary to many people saying “follow your heart” or “trust your gut”, sometimes anxieties or depression can infiltrate those inner intuitions and feelings and tell us lies that make us lose hope. Sometimes logic really is the best option.

Take a moment to look at your life objectively. Sure, things may suck. Things might be going all wrong in your life. But taking a moment to realize that everything does change. You are not bound by the situation you are in and one day things will not look this way. If you feel you are at rock bottom, the good news is things cannot get worse! If you feel like you are about to be at rock bottom, the good news is that you can take mindful action to prevent reaching there.

Take this moment to use your logic to realize that even if you feel hopeless and negative, it is a feeling. An emotion. It is fleeting and not binding.

Go natural

Nature truly is an underrated component of our mental health and well-being. We are a part of nature, which is something often forgotten. We are birthed onto this Earth and are a part of the ecosystem the same way the trees, the birds, and the oceans are.

It has been proven that by incorporating more natural components in urban areas (parks, air purification systems, greenery, etc.) the mental health of those citizens has increased exponentially and has also increased the economy since productivity and the quality of life also rose (Bratman et al., 2019). Nature is a crucial component of our well-being and happiness. So, take a moment and make sure that you can go somewhere with fresh air or grass or a natural body of water.

Similarly, drinking clean water and eating natural foods will also radiate to your mental well-being. Reconnecting with nature is a vital and understated component of raising your vibration and thinking positively.

While negative mindsets and voices can overtake our lives and make things feel hopeless directionless, these few tips paired with the often reiterated ones can help you find positivity. And remember to be patient. Simply following these tips cannot be a miraculous instant cure, but with practice and dedication, it will help. Wishing you all the best with love and appreciation.


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