Start Changing Your Life By Doing These 5 Things…

Start Changing Your Life By Doing These 5 Things

Only three in ten people are happy with their lives. The rest of them feel trapped in the same wash, rinse, and repeat — the daily routine. Their place of employment is unsatisfactory. Their self-talk is on a loopback setting where they repeat the same internal chatter because it’s a habit and comfortable to do, even though it’s negative. Have you ever heard of a comfortable depression? It’s when you’re depressed for so long, you become comfortable with it. It’s your security blanket. You want to hold onto it and cover yourself up and stay in your own little depressed comfort zone. Throughout my life, I’ve been there many times.

But you can only push the pause button for so long. Life is going to continue on with or without you, and you’re not here to fade into obscurity. You have a purpose. You matter. So don’t waste your life on loopbacks and not being happy. Start doing these five things and you’ll be on the right path to changing your life.

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1) Self-talk

How do you talk to yourself? If your internal dialog is negative, it’ll manifest into your world and prevent you from living the life you want.

For example, say you always wanted to write a book and even have the perfect story in mind. You’re pumped up and with a wicked passion unlike you’ve ever experienced before, you write the first three chapters in no time. When you go to read them, doubtful thoughts crop up. You compare yourself to other authors, and the happy, creative bubble you’re in deflates. You tell yourself your writing sucks and you’re not good enough to be an author.

With a heavy sigh, you turn off your computer and proceed to stuff your face with junk food while watching reruns of Friends and chastising yourself for even thinking you can write a book. What were you thinking? Hell, you can’t even lose weight, and now you’re eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, feeling like a frickin’ loser.

As you can see, this type of self-talk is destructive and will hinder you from creating the life you want. Now, let’s take that same scenario and turn it into a positive one. You sit down and read the first three chapters you wrote. Doubt begins to raise its ugly little head and you feel a slight sting when you realize the description in a scene you had fun writing has no depth and needs a lot of work to create the suspense that you’re aiming for. But instead of falling prey to the doubt that’s throbbing in the back of your mind, you replace it with a positive thought. You tell yourself this is a rough draft. You need to get the story written first, and then you can do some research on how to write a suspenseful scene before you rewrite it.

Every pro was once a beginner.

You continue reading the chapters while looking forward to writing the next ones. So, being mindful of how you talk to yourself, your internal dialog, and replacing a negative thought with a positive one will eventually become second nature to you because you’ve reprogrammed your mind to be proactive instead of being self-destructive.

2) Set goals

To change your life, you need to set goals and stick to them. Think about what you want to do, what will make you happy and the life you want to live, then write down what you need to do to achieve those things. If it takes years to get what you want, so what? There have been goals I had set that took me a couple years to accomplish. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Time is going to go by regardless of what you decide to do with your life.

If you don’t accomplish the things you want, that brings you joy, then you’re going to live the same circular life until you die or be placed in an old folk’s home. However, if you have a goal to work towards, to focus your energy on, you’re changing not only your life but yourself as well. You’re learning new things and growing as a person.

We’re not here to be sedentary, atrophic beings.

What’s the point in all of that?


Setting and accomplishing goals is imperative to changing your life.

3) Step out of your comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

No one likes to step out of their comfort zone because they fear something bad might happen. The thing is though, if you live in this little protection bubble where everything is safe and familiar, you’re never going to know what opportunities and life you can have.

For example, say your boss offered you a sweet promotion, but it was in Japan. You come up with excuses on why you can’t go, such as not speaking the language or not knowing your way around. It’s your dream job, but you’re too scared to make that leap, to step out of your comfort zone. You decide to turn the promotion down and settle with the job you have. You tell yourself another opportunity will come around where you won’t have to leave the country. To make yourself feel better, you buy the Harley you’ve been eyeing for a while, even though you can’t afford it.

Six months later, you talk to the guy who took the job in Japan that you should have taken. He’s having a blast and actually thanks you for turning down that job. You now feel like crap because you’re doing the same thing now that you were six months ago, only you have a Harley you’re still paying for. So, if you want to change your life, step out of your comfort zone.

4) Meditate

I cannot speak highly enough about meditation. It changed my life and it can change yours as well, but you need to do it at least five times a week for ideally twenty minutes. In time, you’ll have more control over your thoughts, and your mind and spirit will be much calmer.

Seriously. It’s life-changing.

5) Accept yourself

When you accept yourself for who you are, not caring what other people think, or you being ostracized for being you, you’ll be much happier. When a person is happy being who they are, it spills out of them and things begin to shift in their favor. The reason why is because their outer world begins to align with their inner world (thoughts and feelings). Since they’re now being true to themselves, it becomes easier for them to seek out new opportunities and live the life they want.

If you start doing those five things, you’ll be on your way to changing your life and living it the way you want to.

Do today what your future self will thank you for.



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