Spiritual Dream Interpretation: Understanding Your Dreams…

Spiritual Dream Interpretation: Understanding Your Dreams

We all dream. Usually, every night whether we remember it or not. We sleep one-third of our lives with dreaming a big part of that. Some are playful, some dark, some very emotional, some just plain weird. But I believe dreams have significant meaning in our lives. They either speak of our past, present or future.

Many people look for interpretation, but without true guidance, the truth can be hidden. Seek the one who created the universe and you’ll find there is meaning to much of what you dream. Even emotions that you feel are a big part of finding the meaning. Interpretation should be an encouragement, an upliftment from God.

Sometimes my dream really happens, why?

Sometimes what we dream literally happens. This type of dream is a vision or a prophetic type of dream. For example, you dream of a tornado hitting a certain place, then it happens. That type of dream is given for you to pray and intercede, sometimes just for your awareness and preparation. Other than a vision or prophetic dream, your dreams are going to be symbolic or metaphoric. A tornado dream may be symbolic of an approaching stormy or difficult time in your life or other various areas of life, business, economical, etc. God may be allowing you to see the plan of the enemy (who comes to kill, steal and destroy.) Visions are literal events that will happen (see below for the difference). Dreams are usually symbolic. As you see the difference you’ll be able to recognize when you’re having a symbolic dream or a vision within a dream.

Who gives us dreams? I’ll talk about that further down. You might also want to know the categories of dreams, ex: warning, deception, self-condition, healing, there are at least 20 types of dreams. That’s also further down.

Why do I have scary dreams?

Fear-dreams can reveal what is paralyzing you in certain areas of life. They can be placed by the enemy so you are too afraid to do what God is calling you to do. Also, God can be allowing you to see where you have empowered fear to creep in. As John Paul Jackson would say… “What you focus on, you make room for. What you fear, you empower”. So in fear-dreams, you will want to deal with the issue of fear, then repent of anything that may be giving its power, then ask God to remove it and protect you. This is a process but you should see less of that particular fear dream.

God gives warnings too, so know the difference. A warning is God wanting you to be prayerful and watchful, sometimes to reverse or repent of certain actions or situations. Hey God is fun, lets get the junk out of the way so we can enjoy the spiritual tidbits!

God’s dream language

God’s dream language uses symbols that can stump you. It’s important to have some bible knowledge so that God will have something to work with. A great place to start is reading the bible parables, bible dictionaries and christian dream interpreter books. This collection of biblical symbolic meanings will be the foundation for all other things to base from. For example, your mom is in your dream, but your not sure why she lit a candle. In a dream language we see that mom (mother) can mean: the Holy Spirit, Church, Source, Love, Kindness, Spiritual or your Natural Mother.

The Holy Spirit will guide and prompt you into the meaning so that you can work on the next element. It might be a little messy at first, but you’ll get there. Take note of actions, feelings and whatever the spirit highlights to you. God gives you piece by piece, hardly ever will it all come at you at once. Your journal can be full of dreams and yet only a few resonate with your spirit. In other words, as you begin to work with the Holy Spirit your understanding of dreams will grow. Remember that the Holy Spirit is a counselor, guide, teacher and comforter. He uses dreams to encourage and give direction. With God all things are possible for those who believe.

Who gave me the dream?

Since dreams are of a spiritual realm, the source is spiritual. Here are the sources of where dreams come from:

1 Holy Spirit (God = Spirit Dreams)

2 Soul: Life experiences, wants and desires. (See Soul)

3 Enemy: satan / demonic

HOLY SPIRIT? You may think: What does the Holy Spirit (or God) have to do with dreams? Everything. God is spirit, you are a spirit, the enemy is also spiritual. Interpretation of dreams should come from the Holy Spirit. From any other source will lead you on a path that seems good, but is misleading. The enemy can try to give you a wrong interpretation cloaked with nice words, perhaps even with scripture but mixed with twisted meanings. This will result in deception and wrong interpretation, therefore more discouragement. He (devil) has come to steal, kill and destroy you and your dreams. The secular world is limited and cannot see what God wants to reveal or impart into your life.

As Jesus said, he has sent us the Holy Spirit to counsel and guide us, to give us wisdom and reveal Himself to us. For example God could be highlighting an issue at work and giving you good counsel as how best to handle it and to prepare you for the future. Another example is He could be saying in a dream: Come out of the dark and into the Light! Receive my free gift today, and begin a new life journey. Scroll down to “Spiritual Things” and see what that involves.

Vision or dream?

A vision is usually while someone is awake, but can happen in a dream. Visions are seeing images on the screen of your mind. They are usually literal and to come to pass. (The vision definition does not include what we think of as imagination.) A vision may be given for you to pray for God’s mercy, justice, wisdom, understanding, comfort, etc. It can be given simply to be more aware of what God is doing. “I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream” (Num. 12:6).

Dreams are symbolic beginning with what the bible says about a certain word or situation. Remember all those parables? Dreams can be a foreshadowing or a warnings of something that is occurring or can occur. Dreams from the enemy can be deceptive and mixed with truth – which are given to mislead, confuse, and give doubt. “I will bless the Lord who has counseled me; Indeed, my mind (inner man) instructs me in the night” (Ps. 16:7 NASB).

Dream journal

You’ll need to have a notebook and pen by your bed. As you commit yourself to writing down your dream, it’s the first thing you do. Don’t think or try to analyze it, just write. The more you think “that doesn’t make sense”, the more likely you won’t write it and soon it fades. The more awake you become, the more your dreams fade away. They don’t always make sense, God just wants to know “What did you see?” and when your faithful to that, he’ll give you more.

Some of your shortest and most bizarre dreams can turn out to be the greatest revelations! Many times your dream fills a whole page. Some say that many of the details of a long dream may not be necessary for an interpretation, but write it down, then you can rewrite it with less detail. As you do the Holy Spirit may highlight some key elements to discern. He will quicken you, or as you review it some words seem to have weight. That could be the Holy Spirit guiding you, always be in prayer throughout interpretation. Sometimes its good to have a knowledgeable christian interpreter to help and to compare what you came up with. Some dreams actually take years to understand, some a few hours. Spend time with the Lord, that’s really what He wants because He loves you so much.

True Interpretation Comes By:

1. Holy Spirit will highlight as you search out its meaning through study and prayer

2. Holy Spirit gives interpretation in the dream

3. Angel of God gives interpretation

We may see something throughout the day that has meaning to our interpretation. God uses principles of things that we see to unfold the dream.

– Mostly God wants you to have the principles of dream interpretation, rather than give you the answer simply.

Look to God to interpret your dream. Inquire the Lord, dreams are sealed. Rely on the Holy Spirit, depend on Him for Interpreting. He will give revelation. Skill to interpret must be acquired (to understand) with God’s help. Daniel said about the angel: He gave me instruction and talked with me and said, “O Daniel, I have now come forth to give you insight with understanding.” Daniel 9:22, NAS.


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