5 Simple Words That Will Shift 99% Of Your Suffering, Struggle And Stress…

5 Simple Words That Will Shift 99% Of Your Suffering, Struggle And Stress

Here they are: “What would be more helpful?”

The magic of these words isn’t in how they sound, or what they signify, but in how you use them.

> You’re tempted to lose your temper at work.

“What would be more helpful?”

> You’re thinking about the future, and fearful thoughts start to creep into your mind. You could take them seriously, and waste hours in a terrifying daydream of everything that could go wrong, or you could ask …

“What would be more helpful?”

> You’re working through a tricky personal situation, and you think about just wasting the rest of the day wallowing in self-pity. It is an option, but …

“What would be more helpful?”

You get the idea!

Once you get used to asking yourself this question, a number of things happen:

🐘 You start to notice your thoughts and energies naturally move towards more productive, helpful ways of thinking and responding to situations.

🐘 You notice your sense of humour, courage and possibility returning.

🐘 You move your focus from problems to solutions.

🐘 You realise that your thoughts and emotions are genuinely subjective  -  they don’t have any absolute authority over your life, or your actions, or the way things are, or the way they have to be.

🐘 You realise that you always have a choice, all the time, in every situation, about how you see things, and how you respond to whatever is coming up for you.

You can be resourceful, and put your energy into actions that will actually help you, or you can waste a load of energy feeling bad without actually achieving anything. Your choice. 😉

🐘 You realise that it’s becoming increasingly easier to choose productive, reasonable, rational responses that actually change the situation for the better, and give you more confidence, courage and strength, rather than leave you feeling drained, resentful and annoyed with the world and yourself.

🐘 You realise that you can be more, do more, and influence more than you’d previously dared imagine, as you’ve now got a load more energy to use on useful actions and perspectives, rather than on generating low-level emotions and perspectives that actually keep you from what you want!

Try it today! 😉

All the best!

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