5 Simple Ways To Find Peace In Your Home…

5 Simple Ways To Find Peace In Your Home

A peaceful home environment can be a powerful tool in maintaining an overall sense of calm and wellbeing. Yet, with hectic schedules and a mile-long to-do list, finding peace at home may seem like a distant dream. Make it a reality with these five simple strategies for creating a sense of peacefulness and calm within your home.

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Incorporate nature

There is something about nature that calms the mind and enriches the soul. Luckily, there are lots of ways to bring nature into your home. Try adding a few plants in each room. These will not only evoke feelings of nature, but they can also help to purify your air and boost moisture in dry climates. Leave windows open to let in the surrounding landscape and natural lighting. It will cause less strain on your eyes so they are more relaxed too. Speaking of light, candles can be a great way to add a calming touch to your home. Not only do they provide a soft light, but you can also choose ones with gentle and relaxing scents like lavender.

Focus on function

Every room has a purpose, and focusing on that can help create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. If you want to encourage relaxation in your living areas, consider overstuffed furniture and a variety of useful furniture pieces. Incorporate pictures, window treatments, and natural textiles to help set the mood you want to achieve. Boost the calm factor in your bedroom by adding plush bedding and varied textures on pillows.

Kitchens are often the center of the home, and they can help encourage calm too. Making sure everything stays neat and organized, and avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink or used pans on the stove to help boost the peacefulness of your kitchen or dining areas.

Seek balance

An imbalance in one part of your house can throw off the cohesive feeling in the rest of it. Seek to unify the rooms with a common color scheme, textures, or flooring to help create balance in living areas. Employ the principles of yin and yang, the harmony found in traditional feng shui techniques. These use contrasts like light and dark or hard and soft to bring balance to spaces.

Embrace color

Color can impact mood in a big way. Take a trip to your local paint store and be amazed at the tremendous variety of color choices they have. Or, if there is a shade you absolutely love, take a sample with you and have it color matched. Try to avoid vibrant hues like reds, yellows, and oranges if you want to encourage peaceful feelings. Instead, turn to muted greens and blues or deep purples to soothe your weary soul. Natural colors like soft pinks, beige, and grey can help boost relaxation too, and many of them work well together.

Maximize organization

Sometimes, finding peacefulness in your home is simply a matter of keeping it organized. Clutter has been linked to feelings of chaos and disorder, so keep it to a minimum whenever possible. Try adding storage pieces like bookcases, baskets, and trunks to ensure everything has its own space to call home.

Keep your entryway clear by adding hooks for coats, bags, and keys. This way you will be greeted by order instead of a mess when you walk through the door. Hanging baskets and organizers can help corral stray items that accumulate on bathroom counters. If you have kids, try designating a homework area for them to work at. This can help contain their work and projects to a single space so that it doesn’t take over the rest of your house.

Sometimes the world can be an overwhelming place. Use these tips to create a welcoming and calming environment in your home. Then, when life gets too hectic, you can retreat and seek solace there.

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