2 Quirky Signs From The Universe, Explained…

2 Quirky Signs From The Universe, Explained

We are born creators. The term “manifesting” rolls off our tongues with ease when we speak about creating in tandem with the forces of the universe. But why is it that some of our dreams manifest with ease and others just won’t come to life?

A lot has been talked about the overall process of manifesting, but little has been explained about the quirky responses that the universe sometimes drops in our lap. There are two phenomena in particular that I hear a lot of confusion about. Yet, they are so crucial to master our manifestations with faith, clarity and ease that we’ll decipher the message that the universe gives us right now.

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Phenomenon #1 – Opportunities open up once you decided to make a change

Let’s imagine you’ve made a choice that you’ll move across the country. You’re starting to take first action steps onto your new path in life. Yet, seemingly out of nowhere you’re getting opportunities in your ‘old life’. Maybe you’re offered a promotion in your job, you meet a new crush or anything else that makes you wonder if staying where you are is the better option. Why is this happening? Is the universe telling you to stay where you are? Maybe moving wouldn’t be to your highest good? You felt so excited to make that change in your life and now, all you feel is confused and insecure.

Ever been in a similar situation? Maybe you wished you had a dictionary to translate the language of the universe because you sure as heck don’t understand what it’s trying to tell you. Push more? Let go? Redirect your efforts? Or stay just a bit more persistent? I get it, the multitude of options can be overwhelming at times. It seems easier to look for a higher power to give us guidance and direction. Honoring the free will we are blessed with we need to uphold our own power as creators though.

We are not having this human experience to outsource our decisions. We are embodied to fully experience what it means to be human and to have the power of creating what we want to create. We lead. The universe supports. It doesn’t have an opinion, nor will it make decisions for us. Our creator created us as creators. In the image and likeness, remember? Now that we’ve established that the universe supports us in our endeavors and we get to choose, let’s talk about how the universe ‘ticks’. When we want to master our manifesting skills we need to understand ‘universe lingo’ so that we can keep creating with confidence and power. That’s when manifesting becomes easy.

So back to our earlier example. What did the universe try to tell you by offering new, interesting opportunities in the old location while you’re taking action toward your move?

Phenomenon #1 Deciphered

It’s not a test. It’s not a sign. It’s a choice.

The universe will always give you a way out of your manifestations.

You can think of it like a in-built security switch. When you’re manifesting big changes in your life the universe is kind and will ask you to give a final heads-up. This is the moment where you either decide to take what it offers or keep your actions focused on your change. You can also imagine it like this former TV-Show “Let’s make a deal.” You basically told the universe you’d like prize A (the move to a new country). The universe responds, “That’s great, but what if I offer you prize B (a job promotion), do you still want prize A?” There is no right or wrong answer. It’s just a choice.

Remember that you are co-creating with the universe. You create through intention and choice. The universe is Robin and you are Batman. The universe follows your lead, but it is always there to back you up.

Phenomenon #2 – The Failure that is a Success

Many people begin applying the principles of the law of attraction and as soon as they get a bit of headwind, they throw in the towel. They think it doesn’t work for them because their life gets turned upside down. You may also create experiences that seem like failure or blocks on your path. That’s not what it always is though. So, let’s keep our example of the move to another country. Now you suddenly get lots of bills and you need to use some of the money you set aside for your move. Or you get sick, or you can’t find the right place where you’re moving to. It can be anything that feels like resistance, chaos or destruction. And it may even be unrelated to the move per se, it could even be that relationships or friendships get rocky.

Phenomenon #2 Deciphered

The universe will first show you where you are not yet in alignment with your desire. Let’s go deeper: When you set an intention to manifest a desire, you will first attract experiences that show you in which ways you’re not yet aligned with your goal. It’s not a message to stop but to eliminate the obstacles so that you can reach your dreams. It’s a bold sign of progress. The universe has answered your intention.

The universe’s message to you, in this case, is: “Great. I got your order and I want us to cocreate smoothly. But for us to be able to make this happen, you need to adjust your energy, mindset, and behaviors. Currently, you are not a vibrational match to the experience you desire. I cannot yet support you. Please let go of these beliefs, habits, and energies. If you do, your energy frequency will be aligned with your desire so you can receive your dream through action while I’m holding it ready for you.”

The universe is always eager to create beautiful experiences with us. Yet, we need to rely on our own power, intuition, and instincts to determine when to let go and when to stay persistent. When you choose to manifest your dreams you will always receive intuition from you on how to do it. Act as the powerful creator that you are and don’t be afraid to live your fullest expression. The more faith, trust, and understanding we have to master the art and science of co-creation, the more magical our lives can become.


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