11 Signs You Are Stepping Into Your Inner Goddess…

11 Signs You Are Stepping Into Your Inner Goddess

In an earlier article, we chatted about Mindful Goddesses, a vision I created for women and use in my private healing practice every day to help them to harness their radiant inner beauty and step into their infinite power on their Journeys to self-empowerment, freedom, and personal fulfillment.

Mindful Goddesses are heart-centered Beings, who radiate love and stand in their truth. With activated souls, enlightened minds, and increasingly healthy biologies. Any Mindful Goddess’s Body is her Temple, and so she lives by the nutritional mantra, ‘We Are What We Eat’. Similarly, any Mindful Goddess’s Mind is her Sanctuary, and so she lives by the personal or spiritual mantra, ‘We Are What We Think’.

Here are 11 Signs you are awakening your inner Goddess and stepping into your infinite power.

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1) Your inner Journey is becoming most important to you.

We spend most of our young adult life concerned what other people think of us (or at least I did). Judgments, comparisons, materialism, outward appearances, and setting a bar that is measured up to someone else’s version of success—namely, society’s, our parents, or the like. We have these standards, these goals, these measurements of who we are as compared to who we “should be”.

What we should be doing, how much we should be making, what we should be wearing, should this and should that. This is reflective of an outward Journey, where the focus is on outward accomplishments, comparisons, and measurements.

Pretty soon, our focus begins to turn inward more and more. We realize that to harness inner peace, happiness, joy, grounded bliss, and true success—all things that are our birthright—that the real path of discovery begins within. There is an inward Journey that every Warrioress, and every Goddess, takes. It’s what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero’s Journey, and it’s the basis for essentially every movie or story ever written. The Hero’s Journey has certain parts and pieces, a tried and true formula. And becoming familiar with the Hero’s Journey as it relates to your own can be helpful. Where are you on the map? The Hero’s Journey aside, the main idea here is that you know you are stepping into your Goddess self and awakening your true eternal nature when you become more and more concerned about you inner Journey than your outward one.

2) You can feel your vibration rising. 

The second sign you are awakening the Goddess within is that you begin to vibrate higher daily. Everything is energy, and as Nikola Tesla says, if we want to find the secrets to the Universe, we can think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, to the people we surround ourselves with. From the shows we watch, the number of electronics we are around, to the environments we are in, to the words we speak, to the thoughts we entertain, and the like. All vibrations can either raise our personal frequencies or lower it.

And so you know you are stepping into your inner Goddess self when you begin thinking in these terms—about all the things around you. Asking yourself will this raise my vibes or lower them? You know it’s happening because your intention is set on vibrating higher daily, and you put you at the center of you. It’s not selfishness, it’s self-love.

3) Self-care and self-love are important to you.

In a similar vein, the third sign is that self-care and self-love become more important to you. Rather than searching outside yourself for completion or validation from others, the thing that matters most comes from within. Self-care of your body/mind/soul complex becomes a priority and your self-love is palpable.

4) You are more and more comfortable in your own skin.

We all have insecurities, it’s human nature. By design, we are here in this third-dimensional reality to experience polarities or differences. Hot and cold, up and down, big and small, successes and failures, etc. It’s polarity that drives the third-dimensional plane of existence. And so it makes sense that we have issues come up surrounding comparisons, judgments, and feeling like we are “too this” or “too that”.

Loving your body more and more, feeling comfortable in your skin more and more, is a true sign you are stepping into your Goddess self. I remember when I was in my early 20s. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, it felt like I was practically jumping out of it on a daily basis. I just couldn’t get comfy. I didn’t know who I was, what this earthly experience was all about, nor did I really even care at the time. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. And so the fourth sign is that you’re becoming more comfortable in your own skin and with yourself. Relaxing and breathing into yourself, reminding yourself that the inner space of expansiveness within you is a safe and sacred space where all the growth happens. Only you can meet you there, and becoming your own best friend is an essential part of that.

5) You are becoming your own best friend.

Do you like the company that you keep? The path I’m on now is a path of solitude, many times I am traveling (mostly alone), sometimes I am in the jungle in faraway lands connecting with Indigenous peoples or mentors, and sitting in sacred ceremonies. Other times I am in the States and I too am alone, practicing energy work or coaching, working with clients every day, remotely or sometimes in person. I’m not lonely, I’m simply alone a lot. And I love it.

I miss my tribe of course and do take time always to connect with dear friends, and family, but my main focus is on private session work and writing. This isn’t to say divine love and play aren’t important to me. It’s just to say all of my life force energy day in and day out goes into my passion and purpose in life—furthering myself on my own Journey and being of Service to others.

And so being alone is like a high-Level initiation: do you like the company you keep? Having to be with every one of your thoughts, every electromagnetic force that comes into your mind or out of your lips. One way you know you are awakening to your inner Goddess self is that you like the company you keep, and you are your own best friend. How you treat yourself is one of the greatest measures. Have you loved you today?

6) You are more accepting of the people around you.

The sixth sign is that you are more accepting of the people around you. You “hold space” for people, all walks of life, and nothing really rattles you. There is an unshakable conviction stirring inside you, and moment to moment, day to day, you are becoming more aligned with that. Your vibration, inner peace, and your Self are so held and loved by you that fewer and fewer people can upset that or change that for you but you.

“Holding space” means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever Journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgment and control.

The hardest thing about learning to “hold space” for people when they start practicing this concept, is that they feel like they’re “doing nothing”, and that they need to be doing “something” instead—fixing something, changing something, agreeing with the other person, rescuing them, imposing their ideas or opinions on them. There’s not really room for any of that in holding space. In doing so for others or ourselves, it just is what it is. And we Just Be.

7) You are doing less and Being more.

The seventh sign you are awakening the Goddess within is that you’re doing less, and Being more. I love just Being. And this can be uncomfortable at first, yet with more practice, this way of life starts to feel more comfortable for you. Meditation and the breath are probably the easiest vehicles through which you can get comfier doing less and Just Being, more.  Staying present and in the moment, in the Here and Now.  There are infinite possibilities and permission slips or tools you can accept, and finding some that work for you can be helpful.

8) You stand in your authenticity. 

In Shamanism, the medicine of the West, the Winds of the West, are represented by Jaguar. Jaguar medicine teaches us fearlessness, the ways of the luminous warrior who stands impeccably in her truth. When we stand in our authenticity, we give others permission to do the same. When we peel back all the masks, layers, Roles we play, and everything we are not—so that we can reveal (mainly to ourselves)—who we really are, that’s authenticity. When we stand in our truth, we vibrate at our home frequency, or true unique energy signatures, that are unique to us and only us. And when we do so, we invite others to have the courage to do the same.

9) You speak your truth, live your truth.

The ninth sign is that you speak your truth and live your truth on the regular. This goes hand-in-hand with standing in your authenticity. As we chatted about, Jaguar medicine teaches us fearlessness and gives us the courage to say what needs to be said when it needs to be said. Many people, for example, disagree with my path or don’t understand why I choose it, and that’s okay. Respecting and honoring each other’s Journey, and living your truth—whatever picture that may look like—allows us to align with our true self and eternal nature. And when we tap in to that home vibrational resonance, so too do we align with the natural frequency of the Universe, and connect into the Infinite flow of all that is.

And when we begin to ride the waves of that Infinite flow, of both the microcosm and the macrocosm, anything becomes possible for us.

10) You practice and emanate unconditional love.

When we embody unconditional love, this is another way we know we are unveiling our Goddess self. That divine feminine nature emanates a certainty—a strength—and a poise about us. She is connected to all that is and lives from a place of compassion, gratitude, and unconditional love. Unconditional love meaning a love or vibration rooted in honoring and respecting herself and others around her. Not one meaning others can do no wrong. She still, nevertheless, has healthy boundaries. And isn’t afraid to set them if and when she needs to.

11) You are beginning to embody Fierce Grace.

Fierce Grace is a symbology that comes from Ram Dass, and one I like to qualify by saying, “strong and fierce yet soft and poised.”  Our inner Goddess-self has mastered both the visible and invisible world, and we know we are closer to integrating her when we, too, have more or less mastered the visible world and begun to explore the invisible one. Our innate Goddess within us is true to the divine masculine within her by being strong and fierce. And at the same time, it honors the divine feminine within her by being soft and poised. Together, she begins to embody a sacred, effortless dance between both her inner mature masculine and inner mature feminine. This sacred union begins to shine through.

She’s not perfect, no one is. Nevertheless, she is imperfectly perfect, or perfectly imperfect. And she is constantly working on herself and committed to her Journey, exploring herself, and honoring herself at all times, to the best of her ability. So, too, is she equally as committed to embracing the energies around her, and to the invisible, interconnected web of life of all that is.

And whether she knows it yet or not—whether she is still figuring out quite what that picture looks like or not—she, nevertheless, carries a deep knowing within her Soul that she is a Conscious Co-Creatress, dreaming her world into Being in every moment.


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